Craigslist/ebay/etc finds


The ad says the dent is on the left chainstay, did the seller use the imperial left?


Left facing?


Crank arm clearance dent?


Seller sent me a pic, it’s on the right chainstay, shaped like a clearance dent, not like you get from accidental damage. Also the dent itsrof has better paint than everything around it.



I’m surprised he wasn’t concerned about the massive dents on the inside of the chain stays.


would make a sweet fixie conversion.


Bought it, talked him down because…it is beat to shit. dents from FD clamp, small dents elsewhere, collapsed crack in seat tube extending below the post binder slot(too small post looks like). Paint flaking and missing all over.

Otherwise it is surprisingly sound and straight. From the S/N it was built in 1974, and based on that, the thinned lugs, and an actual signature decal says this was built by Mark DiNucci.

It’s my size 57.5. seat tube, 55.5 top tube. I’m going to take some pics and send it to DiNucci and/or Strawberry to get their take on the damage and confirm the build date, etc. DiNucci is just up the road in Sisters, OR I wonder if he will have any interest in evaluating it or stabilizing some of the damage.


I got the spray booth, 2 guns, oven, revocery system, and some extra powder for $6k[since reduced see below -ed]. A new setup is about $14k from my research.
It is semi-palletized, cleaned, ready to rock. Anyone in the North Bay (ish) interested? Let’s talk!

Just gonna bump this down to 1500 or some cool trades, if anyone wants to bite…

Two pics in the bottom post at the link above.


well shit anyone in the bay area wanna start a powder coating business? i’ve got a big garage and nothing else to do


I would gladly patronize this business.


TAF Paintworks, Inc.


I’m really good at painting things in taf ways. I use wet paint tho.


See, I did this once (lye instead of drano, still sodium hydroxide). After dissolving out the chairpole it was free to run down the top tube and dissolve out the upper headset cup, and then etch the stem/handlebar to the point that I just tossed them.

This trick can be a lifesaver, but definitely strip any and all aluminum parts off the bike that you don’t want to fuck up.


Sigh. That’s the sort of thing that would pay for itself in a dozen frames (or 30 racks), but (a) SF and (b) poor.


@Turpentine How’s that Patreon slurry fund going? microfunding Tarck TAF Paint Shop?


You can have any color you want as long as it’s fluorescent


We have about $300 so I’m probably going to do a sticker run when I get some free time.


Where do I donate for stickers?


People who donate to the patreon will get a grip then I’ll sell the rest at cost.