swrve midweight trousers for $50. they’ll hem for free, even to shorts!

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Looks like 28 waist only.

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dang they had 30 earlier. hope i didn’t miss it

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According to an email I just received, Blackspire has a 40% discount on right now. code: BLACKSPIRE2022


Thanks, I need to order some chainrings!

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Sweet! I ordered a ring and some pedals. Coupon code compensated for ridiculous shipping from Canada.

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This is making my spider sense tingle since Rad bikes aren’t exactly known for their build or components on the best day but $500 “name brand” ebike

Just make sure to ride it at 25mph on the MUP


And don’t forget to pass on the right like so many ebike riders love to do!

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I’ve been threatening to get my daughter an ebike . This might be it.

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I made the mistake of telling my kid that golf carts are street legal but don’t require a license, now she’s bugging me about how come she can’t drive herself to school. To be fair, she says she’ll be careful…


My Daughter, The Villager


Do they still use shop-standard parts like a normal BB, chainrings, and freehub though? Because $500 hardly gets you a normal hybrid much less one with a motor

Tryna coax my brother into getting one. I might too and flip it if it sucks. MA is proposing an ebike rebate that would make these free but almost certain the deal won’t last

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This I don’t know about personally, but I think @Jacobell has mentioned working on them before?.. I’d be surprised if they went non-standard on a bunch of stuff but who knows

For $500 these are fine. BSA bb, standard chainring and thread on freewheel. This is the lowest quality model they have but for someone tryna throttle their way around town it’ll do a fine job.

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seems marginally better than the ancheer type bikes. if nothing else just because a vague attempt at making it more than just bicycle shaped has been made

I didn’t realize the prices were in Loonies. With the exchange, it came out pretty cheap.

And it gets bonus points for having an actual repair network and customer service!

Just ordered the bike + front rack and fenders. There’s a $50 off referral code (pm if you want mine) and if you buy via paypal you can get 7% thru paypal deals. I think my chase card is also doing 5% off paypal purchases now but not sure if those stack. So I’m getting a $500 ebike for $450 plus anywhere from 5-12% extra off. I figure I’ll flip it for the same price if I don’t like it, or I’ll just give it to my dad so he can putz around since he’s retired and all.

Just realized this is my first new bike in 20+ years


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