It’s Frankenbell season!

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I got a mini spurcycle and it’s great. Resisting the urge to spend $38 I don’t need to spend now

Do it you won’t regret it.
I’m gonna even though I have two frankenbells hanging unused on a hook lol

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Upway has a few 2023 Benno RemiDemis on sale for 58% off, making them only $511 more than the discontinued but still available REI e1.2.

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How about you just sell me one lol

Spurcycle bells are my go-to gift for normies who like to bike. I’ve bought maybe 5 at this point lol

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What’s your address?

Hot take, I like my mini spurcycle more than my deluxe ones. Easier ding, no weird stall, cheaper.

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Do the minis have a higher frequency ding than the regular size?

A little bit different. I like my mini a lot. It’s a great value.

mine is actually a couple halftones lower, but they’re probably about the same on average!

Not a 40% off going out of business sale, but a sale nonetheless. Some deals are better than others.

Huh. Swift doesn’t sell rando bags anymore?

TBH their offerings are pretty lackluster. Very limited colors and basic designs. Not that it’s BAD but there are just so many interesting bag makers out there.

Love the community stuff they do (Swift Campout etc.) and widespread distribution though.


They used to make much more interesting things; maybe the collapse of rando fashion forced them to retrench to their current catalog?

Some Seattle folk might have better insight but their desire to grow to something larger than a few folks in a warehouse to not quite large company but with product quantities large enough to outsource probably forced them to trim skews to just poobacking/gravel bags.

I thought they briefly(?) brought back custom color options that were sewn in Seattle, but they seem to have disappeared again.

I kinda like that Swift still does basic bags in basic colors like brown and black. Not everything needs to be flashy, sometimes basic water resistant kit in plain colors is all you need.

Says the guy that wears the same blue jeans and black t shirt every single day

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I bet you have a pair of fun socks in a drawer you bought thinking you would wear them but you never do.


It’s true :frowning:

I have adopted colorful solid socks though!

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I like the Swift stuff well enough and their frame bag has better dimensions for the frame I want to use it on compared some of the others I’d been looking at and 25% off made it the time to buy. The current gen Sidekick bags are fantastic for baskets and just strapping to the HT-TT junction atmo.

No custom bags is a bummer tho. Not sure I’d be buying their stuff today had I not bought custom in the past.