Thanks! Just got one. Also good deals if you need a sleeping pad. $40 for the non-insulated pad after you order the pillow.


Thanks, ordered!


I got one but I totally didn’t need it. Ugh.


Thanks! I was literally going to go to REI to shop for one today or tomorrow.


i feel attacked by this relatable content


Took some pillow/butt pad comparison pictures and weights on my Flickr

The Klymit actually feels better as a butt-pad than I was expecting, pretty good as a pillow as well.
I’d love to sew up a soft/lightweight pillow case that has straps that wrap around my sleeping pad and keeps the pillow from escaping in the middle of the night.


Yeah, really happy with mine and excited to test it out.


I’m underwhelmed with the klymit pillow


I have the free one and a Luxe and I’m not sure how much I like them. I’m used to a giant memory foam pillow with the exactly correct amount of give. I’ll never find that in a camping pillow.


I’m trying to find the right size stuff sack to put my klymit pillow and some other clothes in to make a real pillow.


T shirt?


I put a t shirt on my pillow. Sometimes I forget to bring a clean one so sleeping on your dirt tee sucks.


In the summer I use the stuff sack for my 50deg bag. Just the right size.


This reminds me of a project on my ‘someday’ list. REI has a stuff sack that has a fleece lining on half of the inside that you turn inside out and fill with clothes to make a pillow.

The fleece they use doesn’t quite have coarse enough texture to keep it in place (probably a sacrifice to weight.) I’ve wanted to get a standard 6L sack and sew in some linen from an old pillow case. That should keep it from wandering during the night.


Thermarest also makes a stuff sack like that. It’s the one I use for my down sleeping bag for non-car camping.


Drink more?


I think I found about this here first, but Project321 is still clearancing out some rims:


Some decent deals over at State (especially when you use the SEVENTY code)


Thanks! Got some bibs in what I hope is my size for real cheap


I only saw XS and XXL. Did they have anything else?