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Dock-It The decaleur reimagined

Oh, that’s clever.

Any other elegant / practical solutions around the DIY way?

I posted this in another thread recently.

My DIY is a variation of the Morgan Taylor thing. I wanted to keep the stem and bag separate since I have no idea where the bars/stem will end up (have already lowered stem 20mm, might get lowered another 5-10mm), and also to keep as much crap off of the bars as possible. With some discounts, I’m into it less than $55. All it needs now is a bit of finish work. I’ve been totally happy with it so far.


  • Axiom Trekk 28.6mm seatpost collar (with a little Dremel work to remove the lip). Ultracycle sells something that looks identical.
  • Salsa strut mount kit
  • Salsa strut
  • Ortlieb QL1 short rail, hook set, screw set
  • Aluminum stock from big box hardware store



Smart, also this might be cheaper than Morgan’s Thomson :moneybag:

Or not compared to other DIY routes?

Well, I’m gonna buy that now.

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Nüposting that I have a customizable 3-D printable decaleur at Thingiverse:

You can set the handlebar and cross rod diameters, as well as the length and then download the model to get it printed. It clamps with seatpost binder bolts. I haven’t actually tried one out yet, I just had a low-accuracy print made at the library just to get something in my hands. I do plan to print some real ones once I finish the rack for my tandem.

edit: looks like I need to upload a new model, I changed the parameterization of the binder bolt hole.


Someone on old tarck posted about using these things, or things very similar to these, for decaleuring.

I bought that thing from TiCycles.
I wanted to untape and move my levers up a bit anyway.

Dam that ticycles
Guess it’s on the list now

Hey, I posted about making a dickaleur from two water bottle holders and a piece of cheese rod. It works pretty good, I’ll post some pics of the whole thing in action. I saw the ticycles jobby shortly after I finished putting mine together and probably would have bought them if I knew they existed. You can buy the ticycles bar clamps separately. Since they’re threaded on the ends and four sides, a creative person can probably come up with a slick configuration that will work with different bag heights and attachment set ups.

The advantage to the water bottle holder setup: don’t have to remove bar tape or shakes to install/remove. And it’s extremely solid (probably way more than necessary).

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Someone get the dockit dickaleur and report back :writing_hand::woman_scientist:

I might have if their website was less crappy and confusing.

And their product was 40% less expensive.

I ended up drilling new holes in the bottle cage holders because the existing ones put the rod at a height that the Ortleib rail interfered with the pockets on my bag.

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What are the little white things on the bar for?

They’re plastic bolts that keep the pannier hooks from sliding off the end of the rod. I could probably slide the hooks all the way to the center so they’d ride against the bottle holders, but the bag seems more stable with the hooks set wider.

does anyone make a knockoff of ql1 rail/clampybois?

I made this thing a while ago out of Sugino accessory mounts.

That ti cycles thing looks cheaper and better.


can still buy the QL1 stuff as spare parts, you want the short rail for this