Some potential.

These things are pretty cool

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Was a bit annoyed when I saw the new e-bike lights don’t come with that stock anymore. Then I went with a light and motion anyhow, but when I got my Shimano motor back, the light option was off. Guess i need to get it to a shop and see if the e-tube app can turn it back on.

The one we just did came with it.

Iirc you need to use an older version of the etube phone app to access light settings. Or just use the computer dongle.

Really? The last one we got before shutting down didn’t, so I was initially trying to source that jawn.

I need the dongle. Couldn’t do it on the iphone app right now. Manager had it the other day, but we couldn’t get together to try it on his laptop.

What’s the fitting on the business end of that thing? I can’t tell from the rendering.

Just a hole for an m5

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