Did you just ShartQ?

So did S240 with @capn_NOpants @Timarchylime and supwife and kiddo. I rode my Soma double cross with the soma low trail conversion fork and had so much death shimmy. I had a water bottle, 2 beers, my tarp, a sandwich, and my inflatable camp pad. It was less bad this morning on the way back with the water bottle in a feed bag, and only some cookies,my tarp, and a sweatshirt. Does this mean I need a needle bearing headset.

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Or a Cane Creek Viscoset maybe.

Ooh interesting. Any hands on experience with them?

Just on my Big Dummy. It had some shimmy issues and generally felt like crapola off road. This definitely calmed the front end down. I’ve got a few on hand for future wiggle bikes, looking forward to trying one for that application.

Is there a low-to-mid range GXP BB that’s recommended?

(for a different bike than the last bb question for the record)

Face’s Token?

The standard Sram GXP Team is still the best option. Better longevity than any of the third party ones.

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We’ve come a long way in the last year with our units too.


At $199, hell of a deal. 12+ battery life, full color, great maps, no touch screen. More features added to the app nearly every month.


Speaking of BB’s my friend brought this over for me to unfuck.

It’s a Norco Search 19 steel. Shop pressed in the bb cups wrong way round (drive side cup in non drive side etc) question is, why did Norco make the steel Search PF?


Cheaper than cutting threads

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Wider shell to weld that yoke to.

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'bout finished building up DT 240s to Belgium Plus. Gonna throw 'em on the Poprad which currently has the OG TB14 w/ghetto tubeless Barlow Pass.

Thinkin’ I’d like to keep the ghetto tubeless setup intact as a spare wheelset with the runny herses. Should throw a set of tires on the Belgiums, question is what? Wouldn’t mind something a little less plump, or not. Anything 32mm and up I should consider or just go with another set of Barlow Pass that I like?

what PF? if PF30- eccentric bb for options

Do the RH chainrings have ramps/pins?

If they do, they don’t mention it on their site. My buddies one does not.
I brought a brand new chain ring the other day, with no ramps. No way I could get it to shift properly ( using sram road shifters ) I replaced it with a second hand one with ramps, and bingo. Perfection. If you are down tube shifting it’s probably not gonna be a problem tho.

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Schwalbe One’s or Conti gp5k’s, both come ready for tubeless and in 28mm.

PF BB86 :woman_shrugging:t2:

Got a 50/39/28 triple with the big two rings totally dead. I bought a 46 middle ring, should I
a) run it as the big ring, replace the middle
b) run it as the middle, grind down the 50 as bash guard

Leaning towards b, just making sure I’m not overlooking something stupid in either option.



They talk about ramps and pins on their 11-12 subcompact pairs

But also about their ‘standard’ rings

” standard chainrings. Designed for 5- to 10-speed drivetrains, they allow you to choose your chainrings freely. (There are no ramps or pins that need to line up.) Our standard rings work so well that I used them on my new bike for last summer’s Paris-Brest-Paris

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Ordered some in 32mm.