Did you just ShartQ?

Front side and disk side are the same for the front and back of the bike

Idk what ‘front side’ means?

i’m reading it as a direction for when you have a rim and a hub in hand, without reference to the bike.

If you lace an asymmetric rim to a front disc hub, you put the spoke holes offset to the right, away from the disc, but in the more common case of lacing an asym rim to a rear hub, you have the spoke holes offset to the left, away from the cassette. In both cases to make the spoke lengths more equal.


I believe these rims are symmetrical and the sticker is referring to the front of the bike. If I’m confused I would appreciate someone correcting before I lace mine up

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Possible they slap that sticker on all rims symmetrical or no

(ETA: it could be they’re doing something like making the rim bed thicker under the “pulling” spokes. That would have the same logic as asym rims)

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The spokes holes are directionally drilled so for optimum spoke loading that side should face the disc for the front wheel. For the rear flip it so it faces the cassette.


That makes sense but they sure made an effort to find the most confusing way to communicate that idea.

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Yeah, these rims are definitely symmetrical. They also have a sticker about a weight limit but that info is not available to my meager google skills.


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