Did you just ShartQ?

Put a silca head on it.

Silca heads on all pumps.

Long shot. But pull and grease your post. That sneaky fucker can sound like a mystery crank area noise.


I like the idea of a mini pump with a big, heavy brass head on it. I have a spare silca head. I’m gonna do it!


I use the new aluminum ones with the useless air bleed button.

I love that idea though.

I’ve had it happen once. But oh g-d that’s so much a better failure case than friction fit heads failing because the stupid elastic valve gripper doesn’t work.

@karl_dandleton how does a bike dock know that you’re docking a bike? Is there rfid in there?

not as familiar with the motivate equipment but there is an rfid. if there isn’t a plastic protrusion from the fork then it is in the cassette there in your basket. in which case you could just shove that in and the bike is returned!

edit- this might be an rfid here

phoning a friend.

i know BCycle bikes have the rfid on the fork leg but they also lock in via striker loops at the axle.

which reminds me of my magnum opus bikeshare meme. i will never make a finer bikeshare meme than this


i have been informed by the former head mechanic (who gave me a seashell from inside one of the bikes because they had to completely rebuild the entire fleet after sandy and before launch) that the rfid is in fact in that silly little triangle also known as “cassette”

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Damn coulda had a free bike. I wonder if they have gps somewhere in them like the dockless systems do.

Based on the number of clearly privately held Divvy bikes I see, no. If you break off the triangle, the bike is just a bike.

DQ: would it be dumb to spend ~.2bong to replace the perfectly good dropper on my bakfiets with the suspension version of the same post? My back hurts and “40mm of air tunable suspension” sounds pretty good to me.

i would assume they do have gps. especially the e-bikes. classic maybe not so much, but asset recovery is absolutely necessary to remain afloat. that and heavy sponsorship/subsidy. like anything resembling public transit, subsidy is necessary. fixing a flat in my systems is somewhere from $60-100 to pick up the bike (plus tube and/or tire, and mechanic labor) depending on where it is. so we exclusively buy marathon plus tires and the one thornproof tube that doesn’t shear at the valve, via JBI. we buy our marathons by the thousand and holy shit they get cheap


also i have been informed that the piece you had in your basket was the “triangle” and it goes into the “cassette”. i thought you put the cassette into the tape deck, but in canada, the toilets spin backwards and you put the triangle into the cassette. apologies for misleading

I wouldn’t. Your saddle has to go up to account for the sag, which is fine when you’re seated. But I found that the extra saddle height during standing efforts had the nose tickling my proud American button.

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A cassette is a thing that holds a thing. A cassette tape is a tape held by a cassette. It’s a little case—cassette.




New Dixna La cranks showed up startlingly fast. Now I have to/get to install them sooner than I had thought I would.

They are Hollowtech, so I assume all the things that are true of Shimano cranks are true here. Which loctite do I put where to make sure that they don’t come loose again? Blue on the crank bolt and pinch bolts?

I have always greased those spindles. Is that the right thing to do?

A little blue on the pinch bolts doesn’t hurt, grease everywhere else.

I forgot, the most important bit is that both of the pinch bolts are torqued evenly. Over torqued is OK, hit each one with the torque wrench till neither one moves. This will definitely over torque them, but it will even out the clamping force and those bolts can handle a little extra.

Also if there’s dried loctite on any bicycle bolt ever, scrape it off and put a dot of fresh stuff on there to make sure you’re getting the correct clamping force from the specified bolt torque.


I left the Evasion at a shop just before I moved so they could bleed the brakes and true up the wheels, they called me today saying the front wheel has 15mm end caps but a 12mm thru axle. The fork is 12x100.

Pretty sure that’s not correct though, how the hell would a 15mm end cap even fit on a 12mm fork?