Did you just ShartQ?

Buy whichever of those wheels you want more than the other. Assuming no other constraints, generally less regret going that route IME.

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Send the parts to me and I’ll build it for you.

No, me!

That’d be a smart decision

fenders for 20x2.4?

seems like wald is the option but sup is morally opposed to shiny silver

re roll VO atmo

edit: burying the lede, what 20" bike?

co-op generation e 1.2 that sup just ordered

ive never actually re-rolled fenders. how much is that gonna change the radius? i guess 60mm isn’t that far from accommodating a 2.4

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i can say with confidence that there is math to get you there but i can also say with confidence is that i’m not your guy to help with it!

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I think tern might have some special made palstic fenders

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You could do what I did for the wife’s blackborrow and slice some plastic fenders in half the. Widen them with a strip of 5052 aluminum .03” thick just attached with a bunch of pop rivits. It adds a silver stripe but you can paint it black. The aluminum strip also significantly stiffens any old floppy plastic fender.

i don’t think this counts as reasonable. i think i’m planning on re rolling the VO unless @igor says that is a bad idea

Open your mind, you can reason real hard.

Wald makes wiiide steel fenders. I have one on the front of my Clydesdale. The stock stays suck but I replaced with VO stuff.


she hasn’t seen jimmy’s rules

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Vinyl wrap before install?

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A serious consideration is that the Wald fenders are seriously heavy.

i plastidipped some VO hammered fenders once. it beausages very quickly, which was good for spaghetti but i dont think that would be for jane doe if shes being particular about it

when does she take delivery of this bike? i cant wait to hear a review.

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OK sort of offtopic dumb question:

It’s been really hot and relatively dry in the midatlantic lately, so the turtles that live in drainage ditches on the sides of country roads have been out and about more than usual. When I see them when I’m out biking, I usually stop and gently push them back to the side of the road. Should I just leave them be, and if they get run over they get run over?

I’ve heard that moving them off the road in the direction they’re facing is a fine thing to do.


Eastwood has 2-part auto spray that isn’t just a one-time mix like those clear coat cans we were talking about awhile back. Spend some time on scuff and prep and it’ll be much better than rusto or the like.

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