Disco Slippers

Do you have time to talk about our lord and savior, SH-SD501?



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I'm brilliant

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this is like a tarck type 1 failure
“i have a problem”
“here is the perfect solution”

tarck type 2 failure is
“i have a problem”
“here is an unrelated solution that won’t help you”


Kinda feelin these

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what i don’t get is why you’d want a lace up shoe if you’re tightening boas multiple times per ride. that seems like the opposite thing you’d want!

Lets be real, sandals are not the actual perfect solution

haha i know…i think it’s funny though!

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I’m tightening boas multiple times per ride because the boas are failing, not because of changing conditions or whatever

oh i wrongly assumed this was a tightening because the feets were compressing, which is what happens to me

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yeah sometimes everything “settles” 30 mins or an hour into a ride and I do a little tightening

curious to see what legitimate reccs float up for OP however

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never owned knit cycling shoes but IME knit running shoes are WAY hotter than your typical thin upper

Interesting, the things I’ve read about knit cycling shoes is that they’re much more breathable than others, but max ventilation is really what I’m looking for, not necessarily knit.

Maybe they’re more breathable but it’s like wearing a big thick sock… I find them hot as hell. They also soak up a ton of water but probably not a prob in LA.

Imagine in LA they just let in a frog ton of dirt/dust/schmutz

All my shit dusty as hell

specialized recon adv or s-works recon lace perhaps?

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Or the Recon 1.0 with velcro straps. No Boa to break?

You got it backwards