DotMRs mostly bike Mess cleanup (snowboard, guitar)

Classic pearl blue 80s 58cm Cannondale with Shimano 600 group. Got it from original owner who had matching red and blue. My dad must have ridden it a bit since it went in storage ~6 years ago, because it now has red reflective tape on rear seat stay, silver reflective tape on fork, and big cushy seat.

Crappy photo

Yellow King Chris Cielo frame, ~56 I think. I’m an idiot.

Yellow Phil Wood / Sycip made Kiss Off Single Speed frame. Needs new Chainstay or dropout on DS. ST ~51cm, TT ~55cm (more mtb / commuter style than road)

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60s Silvertone 1457 Guitar with amp-in-case. Pretty good condition. Had Tim Schroeder in Chicago cleanup electronics and neck but it’s been sitting in the case since then (2011?). Plugged it in and works as far as I can tell.

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Dammit someone else please buy this so I’m not tempted to figure out if I’m misremembering my high school era memories of riding one (because they’re probably correct, and it was indeed terrible).

talk to me about this

someone on here buy that cielo so it doesn’t end up with someone who doesn’t understand what it is.

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quickly took some pics this morning and posted a link above. Still need to plug it in though

you probably weren’t misremembering. I have a CAAD5 frame as well and it’s a bone shaker too. But i’ll get some pics either later today or tomorrow

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I have this guitar and amp. Guitar is pretty fun, sounds neat and can get good thonks and icepick sounds out of it. I really like the amp, mine has unfortunately lost the tremolo circuit and hums a lot. A very enjoyable Sears product!

Talk to me about that cielo

Or you could talk to me about it.

whoever ends up with it I can put in a new chainstay and respray the area either high vis blue or yellow

so long as the timeline is yolo.

Which chainstay
Asking for a disc dropout

^that’s a very interesting question.

Sorry tarck, got to ATL / jet lag kids / now i’m in bed sick…no photos yet

No disc derps on yellow frame.

Drive side

That still makes a good excuse to lop off both dropouts and put disco ones instead.

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I don’t need another frame

How about if you give me your coupled spec in exchange for me brazing disc dropouts onto the cielo?

Well now we’re tarcking

Post pics of the cielo please
Geometry as well if you have it

added a pic above, sorry it’s crappy wasn’t feeling well enough to really dig it out and find a garage door. Honestly you probably have better bikes and it’s not worth the trouble. :slight_smile: But DM me if you want to talk more about it.

so…i’m an idiot. :man_facepalming: Apparently I forgot my MUSA details since this stuff went in storage ~6 years ago. It’s a Phil Wood Kiss Off frame (SS mtb/commuter made by Sycip and not a Cielo)

Shouldn’t have posted this stuff without the photos first.

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