I went for a ride today and here are some photos

I’ve got a fuckin Bosch on the xtracycle for derpoff because hills and 130 lbs of children. Still isn’t as good as a good ride for fun.

my day is not really conducive to drop off on bike. it’s about 7 miles there because i’m not gonna drag her across the JFC bridge (its the CFJ bridge, but JFC 2 lanes each side 45mph posted and a full concrete barrier between sides, so i only do that alone, but there IS a bike lane on it). so usually i leave early when i have the flexibility and go the short way there and take her home the long way. also it’s like 4 or 500’ the long way


I’m super lucky that I’ve been able to basically structure my life around riding a bike all the time. There’s no elevation change no matter what way I go lol
From my home bound commute yesterday. Roli’s pouch became a vase for some goldenrod.


we cannot leave the house without making a bouquet.
hills are hard but it’s fun on the way down. ripping your kid 30-35mph down a back road descent is a treat. we definitely live in a very car centric area but at least there aren’t so many people and all of them learned to drive young and seemingly most of them learned to do it respectfully. oddly enough i’ve never really felt safer on a bike before


Feel very fortunate to be in a place where we can live by bike.

Morning commute is generally a convoy with 8yo leading, 6yo in the middle, and baby riding with me in back. But sometimes 6yo can’t be bothered tho and he rides with me too.

Mornings are so stressful trying to herd them to school/daycare by 8am, but it’s so much fun to watch them get better and more comfortable everyday in the city by bike.


Dawn patrol out to oak park to read at my daughters school, then gravel up to the studio. ~40mi so far. Not looking forward to the 7mi home this evening…


A single picture from a trivial little ride around north Clackamas county – new gates on a disused road I ride in Oregon City:



Urban mud shralve today. Tracks are wet. Cold southerly. You cant see it but at least 5 people are out there kite surfing.


got out for a bit today. 35 miles with only 2 real hills. both were about 650’

scared myself on a descent. 500ish foot free fall on a road that was absurdly smooth for how bumpy it was. mfs sealed the shit out of it but my wheels got light while coasting and trying to keep it forward and down. picture doesn’t do justice but you know:

came up a bit shy of the goal on that hill- would like to hit 50 as it’s been a while. willing to bet i could do 60 if i did the frozen thing and let it goooo. but brakes felt prudent today


I like mountain bicycles. Apex yesterday morning and Floyd this morning.

Need to figure out what I’m going to do with my life this winter.


Rode slick rock and another trail. Only walked half the climbs. Safety braking less and getting more flow on the trail. Need to work on the front lifting so much.

Not pictured is the clearest night sky I’ve ever seen. Almost thought it was fake(?)


Went for a ride with boss lady from home to these WW2 gun emplacements I have never made it to before, on account of it’s too steep to ride. Stashed the bike/ebikes in a Manuka bush and walked the last 4kms. This must be one of the most exposed spots in the country but it was completely calm. I am always surprised how far taggers will go to get to some of these places. There is only really a couple of ways in and you have to be pretty determined. Crappy little Garmin 130 only recorded my riding time/kms, not my walking. Wife got 1150m vert on her phone.


Does the 130 have an adjustable low speed threshold to auto start/pause the ride? I had the same thing happen with the 500 when I was walking steep stuff on the mountain bike.

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I think you might be right.

Rode the biggest rock roller I’ve ever ridden today. 30ft+ by my fisherman’s eye and steep enough that I buzzed my butt. If I ever ride this park again, and with other people, I’ll go faster.


such a lovely time of year to ride for an hour or two after work, perfect light perfect temps


Another Wednesday another suburban ramble. I don’t know what’s more irritating, that they spelled Atlanta wrong or that all of the locals mispronounce Atalanta.




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