I went for a ride today and here are some photos

This is why I’m real glad I don’t ride home at 3-4am anymore. SO much sketchy shit going down and so many impaired drivers.

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I’m off work for a week and a half. Got out for coffee before we head out of town tomorrow.


So, I took Snowaguchi for a ride this weekend.

As fast and agile as it is, and how it climbs like a goat, the descending is ass because the rim brakes fade almost immediately, even with pads that are relatively new. I had to get off and walk down most of the 60 meters of elevation on the hill at the end of my ride.

My two sets of H+SON rims have deeply grooved brake tracks. One of the Rival cassettes has started to ghost shift. With the difference in wear between the wheelsets, I’d be looking at two cassettes, a chain, and rims to get ‘merely obsolete’ braking.

I think it’s gonna get promoted to ‘trophy and Sunday driver’. Looking to replace it with something modern, disc, through axle, etc.

Not sure what I’m gonna do yet. Looking at the Fairlight Faran, Pelago Stavanger, Sour Purple Haze, and a few others.


First overnight bike trip since before COVID! 60 miles each way to the North-South Lake campground. I probably could have picked two better days to ride but I had a blast.