Is there a wheelbuilding thread yet?

I think it’s alllllllmost symmetrical – here’s the tech drawing:

So the spokes should come out equal

Something got entered wrong if they are calling for two sizes

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flanges are different diameters in the drawing

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Good catch

Please ignore everything I said except you can still use the same size if they are .5mm different

The recommended calculators don’t mention straight pull. is that an issue?


Also, I’d never trust the measurements of rims and hubs on those sites. They’re user uploaded so they tend to be all over the place, especially the ERDs. Always measure your hub and rim three times atmo.

dt swiss does straight pull

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This is a detail I’ve since learned. And the Rohloff spokes can be shortened by up to 30 mm. Not clear to me whether they’re already threaded.

I also found out that my guy would be using the hub in combo with a Schlumpf mountain drive. Per Rohloff recs, he’d need a 75t chainring with his 155mm cranks to not exceed torque specs for the IGH. it’s a goofy project!

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Yes Rohloff spokes are threaded. They may be available unthreaded too but not sure. FWIW they are made by Sapim. I asked Rohloff whether they’d like me to continue building their hubs with Sapim or stop building their hubs altogether (I refused to order Rohloff spokes with thousands of Sapim on hand). They said I should stop and thanked me for being professional enough to do so. I died.

I’ve lost count of the Rohloffs I’ve built (many rebuilds too). But, funnily, most of my customers got tired of them and now prefer the Rohloff-free lyfe.


That would be awesome, a 75t chainring has a roughly 152mm radius.

Anybody interested in Kindernay hubs as an alternative?

customer is a dipshit for wanting to use a Schlumpf mountain drive on a small wheel, and not even a unique one as somehow I’ve seen this done before twice!

if he insists on fucking around and finding out, get the Schlumpf speed drive

Almost everyone who’s ridden an igh prefers non-igh life.