Is there a wheelbuilding thread yet?

Not sure why calculators differ but I can tell you DT is a exact implementation of the formulas in the back of the Jobst Brandt book. (I implemented them for my own purposes and my results were identical to DT.)


Anyone know which Light Bicycle carbon rim is most dimensionally similar to HED Belgium+?

These look close except they’re hookless.


Or these:

ERD within 2mm, rim brake compatible, not hookless.


Hooked is significantly better for tubeless than hookless? Looks like LB says both are tubeless compatible? I’d be running 2.1 XC tires at <30 psi.

Never used hookless rims before but I think the gist is that they require “tubeless specific” tires at low psi but are lighter, stronger and more aero than hooked rims.


AR24 is definitely the better choice for that tire.

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Just don’t get the flyweight, let the pressure get too low and slam a gap in the road…


visually interesting! maybe a nice next step in composite rim design! maybe misconceived for some reason a materials engineering person will explain!:

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Lots of marketing bullshit there.

The spike hole angle thing is easy to achieve with post mold machining. The laminate includes Z-axis fibers which is a film from Boston Materials that improves inter-laminar strength “by up to 30%”.

Looks like they’ve begun using the material and simply started quoting the numbers from the material supplier.

That said, I like the design. If they can make a high impact strength shallow section rim, my estimation is that it will ride well.

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Oh I was largely ignoring the marketing nonsense, the wheelbuilding possibilities seem promising. seems good for strong bracing.

not sure about the aero properties of a rim with that inner profile, but I don’t think that was paramount for them

Yeah, I mentioned the section as it relates to comfort rather than aero. My experience is that shallower carbon rims absorb hits surprisingly well.

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Oh yeah I’m just generally noting the aero aspect. I’m curious about ease of building a wheel with less bending and selling of each spoke, and of the possibly stronger overall wheel.

I’m pretty sure there have been a few rims that have done the same trick internally

Certainly. Every LB rim I’ve built has directional spoke holes. Pretty sure most alloy rims do as well.


Yup. This has been a thing on WTB’s nicer rims for some time. Offset and slightly angled drilling is pretty much the norm and WTB and some others take it a step further by drilling out even more material for the shoulder of the nipple to fit in to.



Some insights on the Z-axis fiber:

Good stuff, but not world changing.