Is there a wheelbuilding thread yet?

It’s a whole lot less fussy to dish with a dishing tool. I build on a ts-2 and the feeler arm is ever so slightly crooked, which means that if I’m too tired to use a dishing tool I have to keep popping the wheel and flipping it over to work it into proper alignment.


I’m breaking down some old wheels I’ll never ride again to both save some space and bolster the parts bin. Is it silly or dangerous to reuse spokes? Used Al nipples go strain the trash, of course.

if they aren’t super old it’s fine atmo. if you’re building a high end wheelset i’d just use new spokes. kinda depends how much you care about the wheel. for a budget conscious beater i would for sure

I think I mostly want a diverse spoke hoard for testing purposes, since I’ve been so bad at buying correct lengths. But I’d be lying if I said a test build couldn’t maybe get ridden a whole bunch of miles, too.

If they’re cheap spokes I’d probably toss them. If they’re fancy aero titanium guys or something, maybe hang on?

most of mine turn into pokey/hook-y bois. the size i have on hand is the wrong size and by then i’ve already ground down one out of sixteen so now i have fifteen and then i need one more and then i’m just getting new spokes


Welp, I’m a bit of a dummy. After three attempts at wheel builds where the spokes ended up too short, I figured I must be measuring something wrong. I wasn’t. But what I had thought was 2-cross pattern is actually 3-cross. I wasn’t counting the spot right at the hub where spoke cross (geometrically) but don’t actually touch each other.

But I never gave up! Told my kid that’s the most important part.


Should take the cost of replacement spokes out of kids college fund so he learns his lesson

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“well you would have gone to college if papa didn’t blow your 529 on berd spokes”

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Just rebuilt my first wheel. It was a lot easier with long enough spokes for 3x. The other two still need to be rebuilt. They’ve not been ridden yet, so I’ll reuse everything and just go with 2x.



Those are some beautiful round creatures.


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I like Hadley