it wouldn't be tarck without a dyno thread

I’ve never had a problem with the wires pulling out of the lego block with either my SP or shimano hubs. The wire I made 7 years ago for my first SP hub still works - but I did wrap the lego piece in electrical tape at some point, so maybe I had problems with the initial set up I’ve forgotten about.

Shimano hubs definitely have a looser fit, and I take the wheel off that bike a lot for a roof rack — no issues with the lego connector there.


thanks all

I’ll try again

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My dyno Q, is hooking up a B&M Secula light to a Son Edelux II light something that will work? The Son uses the B&M optics, just don’t know if they’re using the same electrics inside or compatible with each other.


First secula wire connects to the lamp with a mini spade female

Your second wire goes to ground - I use whatever bolt is nearby

I broke the mini spade a few whiles ago

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Thanks, now on to wondering if it’s worth lighting the wallet on fire…

Yes. Afaik, the only taillights that are weird about what they connect to are the supernova ones (which don’t have a standlight unless they’re connected to a supernova headlight.)

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Will it work without a standlight?

Yeah. A friend had one on her bike and liked it except that it didn’t stay on at stoplights (og Cyo headlight, some shimano disco genhub). I traded her a better taillight, then looked at the offending thing and there’s no room inside the housing for a supercap.

How big would the cap need to be?
Could you put it in line/at the headlamp?

I don’t know what sort of voltage & current limiting is in the Supernova rear light, but there are a BUNCH of diagrams on the web for standlighted battery circuits. Here’s one.

from peter white

“The Supernova headlight controls any of their optional taillights; one style for rear rack mounting, and another for mounting on a seatpost. Supernova headlights and taillights are designed to work together. You can use the headlights alone, or with a Supernova taillight. Of course other companies make dynamo taillights as well, but with one exception they shouldn’t be used along with Supernova lights. The exception is taillights from Schmidt, which are compatible with Supernova headlights. Otherwise, I don’t recommend mixing other brands of lights with Supernova lights. Other taillights are designed for AC, which is what dynamos output, not DC. The Supernova headlight converts the dynamo’s AC output to DC, and send DC to the Supernova taillight. That’s why you can’t mix and match Supernova dynamo lights with most other brands of dynamo lights.”


Maybe an e-bike taillight would work then?

The supernova taillight is just a chain of LEDs in an allegedly fancy case. If it’s running in parallel with a running headlight the headlight soaks up enough current so the LEDs won’t blow up (reference; my friend’s bike; she rides a lot and it hadn’t smoked and become an expensive piece of bicycle jewelry before she traded it to me.) Turn off the headlight and, well, that’s a different and much more sorrowful story.

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Ahh. That must be how the Exposure Revolution tail-light / dynamo set-up worked too.