it wouldn't be tarck without a dyno thread

Only reason I’m curious is that I already had a full dynamo set-up on the bike I put an e-kit on. In that case it didn’t make much sense to me to buy the wired lights as I’d have to redo all the wiring I’d already done, and then I’d have to do it all over again if took the e-kit off. I don’t suspect it makes much practical difference in efficiency but like Fred sed there are other reasons to have the wired lights.

That’s because fenders and front bags are more aero


First though: Why not both? Second thought: If you’re happy with the current setup, leave it.

I’ve thought about doing a dual setup on the Lorry. Ebike light for ebiking and a dyno light should I want to swap out the front wheel for some imaginary non-ebiking situation. Then the rear light situation would have to be figured out.

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How do you open a B and M IQ-XL. I need to disconnect the batteries so I can lengthen the switch wire but cannot figure out how to get it open. I removed the two small torx screws but it still seems like its clipped together somehow…I was hesitant to pry

I have that exact same setup and the same exact thing just happened to me. I haven’t looked into it at all though. No rear light. Only front stand light. Mine happened after being transported on a car roof rack a hundred or so miles.


Tarckbear provides… just as I noticed the decaleur on my other bike was cracked, these lights started working again! I guess they just wanted to hang dry for a week?

I have learned my lesson and will not gratuitously soak my bikes even if they’re sorta intended for that. (and HY found a secret covered bike rack one building over on campus, so I will no longer be tempted!)