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Unlikely. The flappy on my shoulders comes from the poor fit across my chest and upper arms, which are… more substantial. It’s hard to describe.

Goddamn, how many $200 jerseys y’all gonna make me buy in a month?

These guys now have all sorts of things that have been annoying to buy in the United States because of the pain of international returns. They appear to just be a drop-shipping company that provides a US address for returns–I bought my Kask helmet from them and it came from Kask. Still just the fact that you can return to them makes life 100% easier.

Good find. I’ve been eyeing some Isadore and MAAP stuff, but have hesitated because of uncertainty about fit and not wanting to deal with expensive International returns/exchanges.

aha, former Rapha SoHo staff ​seizing the means of cycling apparel distribution for themselves

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I bought mine from Lordgun. No clue who they are but I like the name. Good price too. My last one came from Merlin, but they’re refusing to ship Kask to the US now.

I got my MAAP jersey from Rubber and Road today. It is fantastic, I think it might be the best jersey I have. Size medium (6’ 150 lbs, 39" chest) is perfect, which to me means very tight. If it was even half a centimeter shorter it’d be too short.

I also got baselayers from Q36.5 and MAAP and they are both really good too if you like the 90s gay disco look, which I do.


Planning on stocking up on some more cycling clothes soon. Anything ever happen with your stuff?

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Hey who uses that thick orange Cytech pad or a pad that is close to identical to Rapha but isn’t Rapha? I want some 3/4 bib shorts but Rapha does not have them for some reason.

I like the chamois on the Sportful bib tights I have. I’m not a fan of the PI chamois on those bib tights, however.

I ride the Rapha Core tights during the warmer months, for what it’s worth.

Do they fit like Rapha? I usually have a choice between the waist being too loose and the straps being too short. I’d rather have a loose waist

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For Castelli and Sportful, I usually have to size down, which results in shorter straps. Rapha is generally true to size for me.

Maybe the Rapha Pro Fit is closer? I’m more inverted Dorito shape, so my natural waist and hips are roughly the same width.

I’m not sure who makes fiziks bibs but I have some R1(?) snakes that are fantastic

Also an update on the close out funkier bibs: I got the L/XL size and the straps are short. Shoulder pain after ~50 miles or so

Short straps are the WORST

I got these for next year, they seem really well ventilated for those hot days


thanks to my not reading an ebay auction carefully, I have a pair of these undershort bibs for mtb.

I got them, put them on, was like “OH oh my noo these aren’t right … unless…”


I’m sure you look very handsome in them though!

Bibs that also serve as clubwear


I have Assos Mille and PI “thermal cycling 3/4 bib tight”

So far the PI is my favorite.

Those look perfect for Zwifting :heart_eyes:

edit: ooh Velocio Men's TRAIL Mesh Bib Liner | Mountain Bike Gear
looks like it comes with
Not sure if the Angel could handle it


Helping a friend make a custom order of cycling caps for his bakery merch. What brands of caps do people here have experience with? I’ve worn:

  • Pace - I find these are too tight and give me a headache

  • Hammerbone - probably my favourite cap, lightweight and hasn’t lost a single stitch in 8 years of regular wear.

  • Double Darn - Nice but I find them a little roomy in the top

  • Ellum - no complaints, fairly comfortable

Preference would be from a smallish and ethical business in US or Canada.