Mig muses on 2 wheels

Show me a robins egg blue bike with carbon/black parts


Can one mix silver and black parts successfully?

GIS Zanconato has more than a couple Robins egg




Feels bad man


Better or worse?



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My FTW (the first one) is backyard pool blue with black parts and gold ilink cable housing.

My Gunnar Roadie was light blue with black parts and silver fenders

It definitely works

Its been like a year and you still haven’t shown us this bike wth man


the FTW shop said the same thing when I ordered the second one.

They’re for me! All mine!

Yes. Depends which combo of parts. In general on a light colored frame

Silver crankarms w/ black rings.
Silver hubs and spokes with black rims.
Silver seatpost with black collar.
Silver stem and bars with black headset.

Not OK:
Black rims with a silver rim-brake track. Use carbon rims, ceramic brake track, or disc brakes if you are using black rims.
Silver crank+rings w/ an all-black dangler.
Black seatpost with silver collar.
Black cranks with silver rings.

Advanced ok:
Black headset, silver stem, black bars. + matchy accent color tape, hoods, saddle.

Careful with:
Polished stainless steel, chromed steel, polished aluminum, clear anodized aluminum, satin aluminum are all silver but try not to mix them too much on the same bike, or at least keep them separated by other components or the frame.


Broke: Biketart judges your build and proclaims it lush

Woke Jimmythefly’s Vice magazine Do’s and Don’ts, but make it for bikes.


So far it’s looking like this maybe
Blue Frame
Paint match stem
Silver headset and spacer
??? Bartape
Silver seatpost, brown saddle
Black crank, spider and rings
Black pusher and dangler
Black hubs and rims, silver spokes
Tan wall tires
Silver fenders with a pinstripe or maybe paint match


Scratch the paint match for stem and rims and you’re cooking up something good

Paint match rims? What am I 2008?

Also no that adds weight

What was that pinstripe about? I mighta misread it.

I think a good light blue frame can take a real mix of silver and black parts. That dull dark gray shimano was using c.6800 looks bad though

I miswrote it
I meant fenders

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Silver fenders is nice to offset all the black down low drivetrain and rims.

What brakes? Rotors?

Bartape and bottle cages to match logo color on frame.

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Maybe silver brakes! I’m thinking about those VO mech ones

For your consideration

Light blue frame with silver and black and grey parts

It violates several of Jimmy’s dos and donts but here it is


i believe one of the jimmy rules is that the rules dont matter if it gets ridden as much as that one.