Mig muses on 2 wheels

My favorite Chopper…

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just buy that one. it’s better than any stock riv.

Get that hunq

Yeah buy that Hunq

hunqs ride pretty nice.

It’s disc QR and I already have a bunch of that

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Oh, I didn’t see that. Don’t get that hunq.


The next batch of Piolet has thru-axles. Maybe that and have someone else glue on another top tube if you really want that.

Why would I do that when I’m a special snowflake and need unique things

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get those paul polo levers and set up the disks and the cantis

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  • Buy the Hunq
  • Buy the Hunq especially when drunk

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A lil upset it’s not drunq


great then you don’t have to buy wheels.

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No you misunderstand
I have approx 3 sets of new wheels
And I have rid myself of other QR sets


just call @mods they’ll probably fix it

I’m okay taking the L

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Wonder if we’ll get them here. Raleigh USA seems to have disappeared, at least from the internet.

Grandpa worked in design at schwinn when I was a kid. That bike always felt dirty.