New & Interesting Bike Campenaerts

it is pretty mid, but would do what rusty wants if he has a rolling stool to work on bike (doesn’t lift that high, for any bike really). I lifted some rad runner and terns with one.

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I am really interested in a cargo bike lifting work option too. Just got done doing my ebike conversion and anything with the rear wheel is a major PITA trying to get the torque arm, derailluer/chain, electrical cables, and quick release all lined up.

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TBH, I’m really liking the standing desk option.

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He did a bunch of stuff, but it seems like this desk:

plus this clamp would do me fine, right?

seems like the 200 dollar one for almost double the weight would make sense

yeah, $40 more for 100 lbs more support seems like it makes sense.

FWIW @Rusty_Piton I have a flexispot desk i use as an actual desk and it’s been rock solid. I’ve had it for a few years. that said I’m lazy and i rarely stand, but i do pile a lot of stuff onto it and when it does go up and down, it’s been good. great quality for the price IME.

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tarcklebee for best photoshop


not a shoop

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Look more closely.

But you’re right, the cranes lifting cranes were a real publicity stunt by Liebherr.

ahhh dang it phoned again.

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this post. this post here, mods. that’s the one that should be a tarcklebee


These are really nice:

Charging cable and little dongles are tidy compared to previous versions. Quality by look and feel are superb. Only beef so far is USB-A to micro-USB for charging, but that’s not so bad.

Comes with a set of legit Shimano cleats, so that’s encouraging in the sense that they built the pedal bodies to function with 'em. These come with needle bearings and details for lubrication, which is also encouraging. The DUO-SHI version has a single bearing and a bushing that gets noisy fast.

Old vs new:


First ride and they behaved perfectly as expected. Got a little pedal strike, which I suppose is the price one has to pay for slightly increased stack height and spindle width to make room for the load cells inside the spindle.

Shoe doesn’t rub and squeak, that’s all that matters.

:heart: Favero

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Likewise. I’ve had great luck with them, especially their support. I’m going to see if they’ll take the old guys back, clean 'em up and put new pedal bodies on 'em. Going to revert to the latest version of their Looks style pedal bodies and throw these on the road bike and sell off the DUO-SHI that’s on there now. I love SPD-SL, but the DUO-SHI is a kludge and I don’t ride the road bike much anyway, so…

With the cost of crank based power now lower than ever, what’s your particular reason for pedal based?

This has driven me up the wall with Wahoo/Speedplay powermeter pedals. The “aero” rubber cover on the Speedplay cleat (that ships with the pedals!) rubs against the PM bulge on the axle. I have to carve it down with an xacto knife to get it to stop squeaking.

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Nothing is as precise as Favero has been. I also want to use the crank I want to use without mucking about with a power meter. Pedals can be swapped bike to bike. I’ve a lot of other biases as a product of my positive experience and my fundamental belief that load-cells on cranks are inherently less good than load-cells in pedals.

If cost were a factor, a left arm power meter would do everything I needed.

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All I can see now