Poopbarning: not pukebacking like they used to thread


and those shoes are ungodly stiff. Like carbon sole road shoe stiff, they’re fucking brutal.


Is that a cadence sensor on the chainstay? That seems weird for that bike.


Looks like a sushi handroll.


35 liter capacity

avidly complaining about trolls instead of leaning into the silliness of it


Hey speaking of stiff shoes, I’m thinking of putting these carbon-reinforced hockey skate insoles (they seem more substantial than the regular carbon superfeet) into some Vans for shits and giggles. I know I could buy flat pedal bike shoes but I want to mess around with this and see how it goes.




How much are they?


Oooooh, let me know how that goes. I’ve stopped working in clipless but shoe flex of my sneakers is killing me.


Cool find. I have the regular carbon in my platform friendly sneakers because they seem to be one of the few low volume options from Superfeet.
infinitely better than the insole that shipped with the shoe (Topo Terraventure).

Are the hockey insoles considered low, med or high volume?


FiveTen Freerider Pros are plenty stiff for all-day use. Avoid the Districts, however, as they’re hella mushy (in a bad way).


They’re like $55, about as expensive as all Superfeet. I think on the non-hockey ones the carbon is used to make an insole of the same flex as a thicker plastic one, but the hockey ones seem to be more substantial. Well since there’s so much enthusiasm here I’ll go ahead and buy some in the next few days then report back.


Ok, initial impressions: the black “carbon” insoles you can find at REI are stiffer than the Skate ones, so I’ve put the former in my shoes and am returning the latter. I shoved them into my shoes with the vans insoles and in lieu of them. They fit pretty ok with my older insoles, which are already a bit flattened so the fit is only a little bit tight. I feel like just the superfeet insole willl not have enough volume for my application, but I’ll give that a shot too.

So far I am pleasantly surprised. I just had to hurry to make a bus to philly and used bike share to get there. I put a superfeet insole in my left shoe only and the sole did feel noticeably stiffer! I was actually surprised because the carbon shank on these ends mid foot and not at the ball of the foot like my spd shimano shoes. But I suppose flat pedals reach the insole mid-foot and so they work well together.

The next thing I’m gonna try is to hack up my vans pro insole a bit and fit the carbon part of the superfeet in there. I think it’ll work really well.


look like those pedaling innovations pedals for mid-foot pedal position…
honestly probably work OK with a stiff shoe due to that pedaling position.


The last of the official Tour Aotearoa folks finished last week I think. I’ve been geeking on the stats. An 87% finishing rate. I think the Tour Divide is around 35% ?
Overall, of the finishers 21% of the riders were women. (85 women, 306 men.) Of the starters, 10% of the women dnfed. 14% of the men. Ok, I’ll shut up now. FYI. The unofficial Indian pacific Wheel Race appears to be finishing it up.


My buddy just did this. Now we can haul a fuckton of beer up dirt roads, and it’s 12x42 so we can all share the trailer!


Trailers are the best for haulin out garbage bags of crushed cans too, fuck putting that in a pannier!


TC: I kind of want one


i have a bob yak but how do u thru axle the mount?




Robert axle is fugn clever


That’s some sweet NJS clearance to the trailer head tube.