Poopbarning: not pukebacking like they used to thread


Check out this account of a 1914 poopbarn up Mt Hamilton: http://bikemaster.org/road-history/mt-hamilton/fuller.htm


Pretty cool. I shall’st start from this day henceforth refer to ‘riding my velocipide’ as “riding the wheel”. Furthermore I will only carry a rubber blanket and gunny sacks as my sleep system. The culinary department will remain the same as my current setup.


^ a setup which can scarcely be improved upon


I’m sure that ride was slow and miserable all things considered but I do love travel/transportation stories from the turn of the 20th century. How bitchin it must have been to be able to go places without taking a fucking horse with you. And the roads were shitty as hell where they existed, but hardly any traffic!


Saw a 30 minute film presentation for this 5 week bikepacking trip in Peru. Holy cow, unreal footage considering the location, weather & terrain.
The guy that filmed it was there and said it was very difficult to keep all the batteries charged for the quadcopter and carry handheld gimball while riding one handed.
If you get a chance to watch it I would highly recommend.

The group followed the route created by the Pikes: http://www.bikepacking.com/routes/cycling-peru-great-divide/

El Silencio: Cycling the Peruvian Andes, Trailer from Jay Bird Films on Vimeo.


I dislike it for no other reason than the fact that there was a quadcopter involved.

Fuck those things, I’ve had 3 camping trips in the last 2 years in which we were in a no drone zone and some fuckwit was flying one directly over our campsite. I’m permanently disgusted with them now.


Man, what kind of asshole goes deep into the woods to ruin everyone’s day by playing with their remote control electronic device? I’d throw rocks at it personally.


It’s become pretty common here actually. Aside from the whole disrespecting of privacy thing, 2/3 of these incidents were in areas that specifically bans them, and the third incident was someone who hiked past a bunch of signs saying “DO NOT HIKE PAST THIS SIGN, AREA BEYOND THIS SIGN IS FOR THE USE OF RENTERS ONLY” and then promptly started flying the drone around our campsite. That third time I absolutely exploded on the people and all but physically removed them from the site.

I’m not sorry, but fuck quadcopters in nature.


drones are one of those things that I absolutely want to play with but absolutely fucking hate them in general. Like the idea of fucking with one seems fun but anytime I see one I’m annoyed. And that’s in a city. I’d lose my fucking shit if I was out in nature and some dickbag was flying a drone around.


That last scenario that I described, where I lost my fucking shit at some dickbags who were flying a drone, was at this location:

You have to rent this out 6 months in advance if you want the privilege of using it, so I went absolutely fucking nuclear on the 3 young women who flew the drone. There were people in the upper level getting changed at the time.

And, they had the fucking audacity to call ME disrespectful when I blew up on them. I quite literally chased them off the mountain.


Yeah same here. The footage can be absolutely spectacular, and I’m sure they’re fun to fly, but they can be annoying as shit, especially in some semi-remote area where people go to get some peace & quiet. People with drones really have to learn to judge when an aerial shot is worth pissing off everyone else in the vicinity.

In some article about drones being annoying & banned in some wilderness areas, I read about some people filming/photographing off of kites to get around the bans. Kites were the world’s first areal reconnoissance tech, so the full circle aspect is kind of fun. I’m sure you could take awesome shots with a modern camera flown on a kite.


in the US, anything that’s federally designated as a wilderness area prohibits the use of any “mechanized equipment”. That’s why bicycles aren’t allowed, and drones fall under that ban as well.

I’m in the “it’s awesome tech, it’s great for photography, and it’s annoying as FUCK” camp as well.

Sorry Andrew for shitting on your parade.


100% in the “FUCK YOUR QUADCOPTER” camp. Wish it was legal to shotgun 'em if they’re in a no-drones area.


TBH if it’s an area you’re allowed to hunt in, I can’t imagine why it shouldn’t be legal*

*In the logical reasoning sense, not in the “this is what the laws on the books say about destroying someone else’s property” sense. I understand it is illegal, it shouldn’t be.


Oh, you mean the quadcopters.



Sticker opportunity?


maybe if we could get it attached to a kite with some sticky strings hanging down, fighting kite style to entangle said copter.


would buy one of those stickers for my slingshot


In Hawaii, I helped a National Park ranger confiscate some 14 year olds’ drone.


Some dude had a drone up on St Helens when me todd and Russ we’re up there. The annoyingness was mitigated by the fact that we could clearly hear the snowmobiles that were 6 miles away and 2,000 ft below us.