Post pictures of your bike mess *NOT SAFE FOR ARTBLUR*


clearly supgirl disapproves of roller fork stand.


We already discussed fork stand in consumption thread. I (sometimes) want to mindlessly pedal while I watch something on the TV. This is one of those times. AYHSMB.

@ rando it’s stable. I can’t see how it would be otherwise, unless someone intentionally rocked left and right real hard.


she disapproves because there’s empty hooks on which to hang more bikes, right?

time to buy some more high viz frames to fill those empty spaces obvi


dont mind me, just trollin deep


Horrible photo of the horrible progress I’ve made on getting the bike room set.

The racks were actually a $40 ikea hack. Waiting for my roomate to come back from Barbados so he can help me move the kayak so I can build another couple racks and bring more bikes up from the basement. And another shelf. Also, I have no idea where to put the drift trike I got from VTregularbike.


Outside under a tarp?


Probably not. The only things with wheels in my backyard are the motorbikes and the grill. Maybe I can put a hook on a wall and store it front wheel up pedicab style?


Put it in blocks so it’s a chair when not being ridden.







crushin’ on that peg board setup. spare bedroom looks like a bomb full of bike parts went off

one day I’ll have an awesome space with a peg board wall for tools, one day.


Sup girl and I moved into a new place. My bike mess area, for now, is a corner between the front hallway and the TV area. Tools are in a closet out of picture. Technically I can use that hallway (it’s also part of the apartment) as ancillary bike mess area, but will try my best to keep it clear.


I like that bike-stand/rail thing… did you buy it, or mod something to make it?


Previous tenants conveniently left it behind. Seems like a fairly standard, mass-produced bike rack. Does the job. Don’t know the brand.


I like your supghostbike Nate.


lulz that’s actually more of a broghostbike. My brother needs to come pick that thing up already.


We’re going to need to re-figure out the layout of the place. I have zero space to set up a workstand right now. :colbert:


hey what’s that bright bike on top? Have you posted it yet?


actual lols