Post pictures of your bike mess *NOT SAFE FOR ARTBLUR*


Now seeing his bike and bag I’m pretty sure he applied at my company. Not sure what happened to that. But I havent seen him working so not sure who, if anyone, he works for.


Doug and I (well, mostly Doug) finally got our bike room sorted:

Needs a few more hooks, and a place to stash our race numbers/medals and stuff, but all in all, I’m pretty stoked. Hell, there’s even an attached bathroom with shower, which I think is going to be great come cross season/winter.






That’s awesome


That’s the best.


I’m really looking forward to moving north and ending up in a house with a basement I can use as my bike/computer/no-wife-allowed room.


That’s awesome[/quote]
Nothing like having a nearby place to wash up without tracking mud and grease all over the house.
Needs this in the shower:


also needs this:


DId you find a picture with Albertan beers on tap on purpose, because bra-VO!


maybe i’m just a weakling, but a chest freezer seems like a huge pain in the ass for holding kegs


Totally did that on purpose because you’re, like, from there?

Was really looking for a pic of a fridge full of bottles of, um, Albertan beers. But nothing looked right.
If you put some comfy chairs down there, it’d probably take a few hours to make it upstairs after a race. Oh, and a tv with internet access so you can watch that days cross race.


Serious, though there’s probably two 1/6 barrels in there.


Strength has nothing to do with it. I just don’t think you love beer enough.


Less of a mess now, at least the bike side. The work bench is more of a shit storage shelf right now so no pics…


Yo do I spy hd3 action over there?


DQ is it ok to hang a full squish from a wall hook by it’s rear wheel over a winter where it won’t be ridden?
Not a ceiling hook like face but a hook on a vertical wall. It seems like the weight of the bike would inflict bad leverage on a suspension fork, but maybe it would be ok on the rear because the shock is in a different line?


The larger concern might be oil if you leave it sitting in a horizontal position for months


Yep, HD3. Just picked it up a month or 2 ago.

Hang it however you want, think about the weight of a bike hanging vs the force exterted on it when you shred the gnar. If it can’t hold its own weight, how can it hold yours?


you mean veritcal, because if you hang it vertical the oil will end up weeping out since the seal would now be at the bottom. better for it to be horizontal, the next time it gets ridden the oil will get pushed back up and re-wet everything.