Post your Dirty Jumper


huh, I like it.


Picked up new whip yesterday - Large 2018 Marin Pine Mountain 2.

Larry: Boy that is porny purple!
Me: Haha! Totally is. I just need leopard-print frame bag now!
Fred: Hold my beer.

3in Nobby Nic’s tubeless
27.5 x 3in tires
69d HTA
Columbus Thoron tubeset
XT everything
Weight as pictured 29.4 lbs

(How in the hell you already had that frame bag just hanging around, I’ll never know Fred. Thank you buddy!)


Sweet. Did this replace the Trek?


Also, matchy-match over everything.


how have you not snapped the rear end yet?




The real question is does he have enough of that fabric left over to make seat covers for the fire truck.

Also, HY for purple bieks!


No idea. This bike has 8,678.1 miles on it as of this morning’s commute.
My only thoughts are that the belt drive split on mine is different than the ones on all the broken frames I’ve see.
All the broken ones have the split on the seatstay like this:

Mine has the split at the dropout like this:


so your dropout basically came pre-cracked


nah I went for wooden taxi beads


Rudy, you have one of the first gen frames I believe.


Tarck is delivering in the PYB.

Sram group, Shimano crank, Campagnolo chain lulz.

Here’s my contribution (forgive the watermark).


where’s the brakes?


Remember how we used to use brakes that clamped little pieces of rubber against the rims? Looks like it’s the old-style.


How quaint! I bet he even has those funny innertubes!


guessing tubular due to that weird thing hanging off the saddle


even more old grouchy than I thought.


Needs a wired SRM. Do you use a PC8?


Full on lulz.

Garmin 1030. One computer to rule them all. Even though it pisses me off sometimes.


I could use that stupid joke “I have 28” disc rotors", but I won’t.