Post your Dirty Jumper


Hey, but crabon wheels


That bike is like the sweetest bike from 2013.


I don’t think I’ll ever be ready to post my dirty jumper here

Current version of my tcx. Finally got rid of fsa cranks.

I can’t figure out pictures.

New Klein I bought.



Between the different setback and bars, looks like totally different people ride those 2.


Haven’t ridden the Klein. Need to put on new shifters and hopefully ditch the Thomson.


No pictures yet because I keep forgetting to take my cell, but I have been riding the Jones and it is very nice. A little like driving a bus compared to my road bike, and I am definitely much slower. The superman position with the wide bars isn’t that comfortable for me yet but I haven’t ridden anything but drop bars since grad school.

Also I installed wheels with Onyx hubs on my road bike and they are amazing but weird after riding Chris King for so many years. It’s really nice to coast without the buzz, and the instant engagement is a cool feature–I’m sure it has no practical benefits on a road bike but it feels really good.


Nateshoed with my old seatpost.


That is one sweet biek.


Very nice



[quote=aek]Nateshoed with my old seatpost.

is this to replace the one that was stolen?


Yup. I got the stolen frame back, but none of the bits.

This one got a bunch of the upgrades I couldn’t manage the first time, but is a few years older and doesn’t have the cool Max BB junction. It’d be fun to do a side by side to see if I could tell the difference in their respective planing, but TSX Corsa Extra is probably good enough.



I know an absolute madman who uses one of those as his city/lockup/rain bike.

It makes me very upset and jealous. He even has those stupid race blade fender things on it.


Well, my other Merckx had those stupid fenders on there too and if I can find some that work well enough for wet roads then I’m gonna do it again. Old steel bikes are meant to get ridden.

This one gets two locks in the city, though. I wish Krypto made it easier to buy multiple locks with the same key…


Still gotta wrap the bars.


The NFE has evolved to its final Super Saiyan Squirrel form!
List of changes from the previous brown iteration:

  • Frame, fork & rack were modified by Cyclefab / Dan Boxer with changes to lowrider rack mouting, external dynamo wire routing, fork fender mounting, rear hose routing and headlamp mount
  • Colors by Seattle Powdercoat
  • New Shimano BR-M8000 XT rear brake (Chosen over BR-RS785 for the banjo attachment which changed from CS/DT to SS/TT hose routing)
  • New Shimano RD-RX800 Ultegra Clutched Rear Derailleur (update from MTB clutch + Tanpan cable pull adjuster).
  • Replaced some dynamo wiring to get the perfect length, new blue heatshrink tubing to bundle wire with rear hydro hose (only had pre-cut pieces so non-continuous)
  • Changed from fender mounted B&M Secula to the seatstay zip-tie version which is bolted directly to a seatstay braze-on.
  • New IceTech disc rotors and shimano pads
  • Black rear dropouts instead of silver (kept silver as backup)
  • Lezyne Flow Cage SL Left & Right Enhanced Blue (sideload to prevent framebag collisions)
  • Removed ugly Ritchey logos from stem with some “Goof Off” solvent.
  • WTB Byway Tires setup tubeless with Orange Seal Endurance Sealant.
  • Berthoud fender stays and Portland Design Works Safety tabs were spray painted black to match the Planet Bike Aluminum ALX fenders. Front stays shortened up for new fender attachment points.
  • Custom cut 18 oz. Sky Blue Vinyl Coated Polyester mudflaps with grommets. May need to double these up by sewing or gluing two layers.
  • New blue Fizik Handlebar Tape & orange finishing tape
  • New blue colored Jagwire hydraulic hoses & Jagwire cable housing. Blue & orange zip-ties to match.
  • 3D Printed Tubus Duo Lowrider hook retainers designed by Jimmy, printed by Shapeways.
  • Black Nylon hex head bolts to plug unused holes like seatstay cap mounting points
  • Sewed a plastic buckle on Ozette velcro straps that prevent bag bouncing from releasing front velcro attachment
  • Custom headset cap that reads “Eat Nuts, Be Free” which is a homage to the internet meme “Death Is Coming: Eat Trash, Be Free”.

Full album with lots of detailed photos and build process:


masterfully curated, i applaud.