Ray Finkle and a clean pair of shorts. AKA the thread where Tarck helps me build a sw8 Marino

Alright, assuming I have a little money left after I get sued later this month, I’m going to get Marino to build me a frame. Going to be a big tire fixed gear thing so I can stop buying shitty frames on craigslist and trying to jam 33mm tires them.

What I want is a fast fixed gear bike that fits 700x40s and has front rack mounts.

Going to base the geometry around a Ribble Urban 725 with slightly shorter stays and maybe slightly slacker head angle but I’m very open to suggestions.

What can you tell me about Fixed thru axle CNC dropouts?

Please lend me your expertise.

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DQ: use eccentric BB?

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I guess I could just convert my RLT which already has an EBB and use a 6 bolt cog but that seems sketchy. Perhaps I should try it though?

are there thru bolt track hubs available? I assume the only way to make that work would be with a 6-bolt tomicog anyways?

I thought this was gonna be a siqq njs MAKINO

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Paul makes a threaded thru axle disk fixed hub

what ever happened to erpdat anyway?

That’s a name I haven’t thought of in a long time

Rob was his name

This is what I’m thinking. Not sure about rear spacing and dropouts. I think I want 120/track ends but someone should tell me why I’m wrong.

Get it made with disk brakes. Surly makes a good fixed disk hub.

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I think I’m coming around to this. 135mm rear spacing. Surly Ultra New Disc 135+DT Swiss R470 or similar.

Yep that’s what you’re looking for.

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Also Paul makes one if you wanna pay twice as much.

I probably would if they came in fun colors.

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Paint ideas

s-l400 (1)


Does this plan bike not already exist? All city nature boy, Squid, and all the latest Tracklocross bikes jump to mind.

Or, this thing?

There are a lot of bikes that are basicaly what I’m after. Getting exactly what I want for $400 shipped seems like a good way to go though.

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What’s the schitck for Marino? Basically a max way frame made in S America to custom specs?

Marino, if I am understanding correctly, is a single guy who has been making frames for 15years or so professionally.

Seems more like any of a number of NAHBS type builders than anything else, except he will build you a small run of bikes and his prices are less than a N. American builder.

Honestly it reminds me of like an early Curtlo, a one-person custom shop who also has “production” models and who is sort of under-the-radar.

I was going to say Marino reminds me of Gunnar or Rodriguez, but those operations are currently not one-man operations, if that’s important to the buyer.

Edit to add: Maxway is closer to a large faceless contract manufacturer -to my knowledge they don’t put their name on stuff, only do larger runs of frames, and if you order from Maxway you yourself are the bike brand and need to be responsible for design, specs, quality control, etc.