Relationship Accelerator: tandem thread

'Sup friends I’m in this cru now.

I’ve got some dithering to do but TBH it’s perfectly adequate as-is.

First up is some swept bars and foot pegs for the 6y old to ride on the back. Hoping I can score a child stoker kit in the near future.


I’ve got some crank arm shorteners laying around you’re welcome to. Also reversed bullhorn bar makes for a great small stoker bar.




I wish there were better pics here. This 4x9 setup looks interesting

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wow that’s really light. no second downtube though- i wonder if it’s noodly

Our Co-Motion doesn’t have a second downtube and isn’t noodly but it also weighs more than 35 pounds so :man_shrugging:

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ooh, now you can really fight about who’s doing the work.
Accelerate that relationship even faster.


How do they get front shifting to work with 4 “chain rings”?

A gorilla.

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Score! Used parts place had this set of Shimano XT to Mavic XM719 wheels. 40 spoke(!).

Also picked up this unrelated set of set of Wolf Tooth bar-end storage things with tools.


@lbttbl and @Banjo this is the bike. I’ll need to confirm how much steerer I have and how much tire it will clear. Other than the front BB shell on the frame being done for, the rest seems fine.

Im personally not in need of that fork but thank you

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I don’t think that fork will have a long enough steer tube but I will have to measure. If you end up parting out that tandem I might be interested in the crankset.

If a future tarcker is looking for an entry level tandem, the trek t900 is shockingly great and seems ubiquitous for $300 or so. Front and rear rack braze ons, clears a 2.1 knobby in the rear, light alu frame and isn’t a wiggly mess.

I used to sell them (and fancier tandems) when new, and I recall being totally surprised at this couple that had it outfitted with blackburn racks, Ortlieb bags, and ended up like riding to the tip of South America on it. It’s good value.

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212mm of steerer. 26x2.1 no problem, if you want to run bigger and the fork will fit let me know and I will actually put a 2.35 tire in there to get a more accurate-r measurement.

Cranks are ISIS, you could of course have the BBs with them I would need to check their condition. Does the Trek take a 135mm standard OLD rear wheel, or a tandem-spaced rear?

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With some drivetrain upgrades and better bars and stems I dont think serious heavy touring would be out of the question .

I guess this one is DH only ? Stoker’s position looks bizzare.


i’m guessing the captain’s ass is in your face pretty quickly so the stoker needs to be quite far back.

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