Relationship Accelerator: tandem thread

Tandem DQs:

  • is tubeless a thing for tandems?
  • is money-pitting an old tandem the ideal path vs. something newer?
  • should I care about a specific brake-way?
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These are the closest tandems to me. I missed out on a $300 Bilenky cuz couldn’t make it out there in time.

I’ve ridden a similar Cannondale (newer with disc, the white one) and thought it was way stiff. But maybe bigger tires and being here in flatlandia will help?

that 'Dale has disc mounts so you could drop it to 650bs and not run skinny rumpshakers


Finding hubs that fit may be a bit of pain depending on what the OLD is. You may be able to stuff some fatter rubber into the cannondale though as I think they have pretty decent clearance.

If it were me i’d definitely go for the Cannondale over the Santana.

It’s either 140 or 145, if its 145 you can get the DT 540, for 140 grab a “boost QR” mountain hub at 141mm


Guess the hub availability isn’t so much of a problem afterall. We dithered on two tandems (Burley something or other and then a Raleigh pursuit) before we bought a new Comotion Mocha earlier this year. Our Raleigh had similar component spec to that Cannondale and it was great for a few years and a few thousand miles.

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did you ever P that B in the PYB

I’m pretty sure I did but I should take new pictures as I have a new phone with a much better camera.

Looks great!

Saw this Calfee x M3 collab over the weekend


Campy equipped co-motion at the local non-profit shop aka someone donated it!

I finally unearthed our tandem from the basement, for the first time after moving, and rode to the coffee shop. Good stuff


Welp. 2nd time roasting the freehub on our Velocity hub… This time we had to take sag for the final 50mi of bragbrai.

Any recommendations for tandem disc hubs with super burly ratchet mechanisms, in a 40 or 48 spokeway? I am considering Phil and WI but curious if there are others I should think about.

For context, we do a fair bit of gravel/singletrack lightly loaded bikepacking, in addition to our normal road/path biking. And we’re running 26x2.4" slicks with a 3x8 transmission


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Noice! I don’t know much about that star ratchet but it seems to be a good solution for the increased load of 4 legs instead of 2?

EDIT: Ratchet Technology | DT Swiss This explained it quite well. Goodbye pawls, hello star ratchet

Yes, that.

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absolutely do not Phil Wood under any circumstances, literally double the weight of WI and half as reliable as the cheapest name-ish brand chinese stuff

White Industries is quite good, and the right answer if fancy aesthetics matter

DT with the original big-tooth 18t star ratchet is the most bombproof, and maintainable through all past/present/future standards

the Velocity Cliffhanger rim is about the best you can do for high spoke count rims


Thank you for the additional insight. Our old Santana tandem had freewheel Phil hubs, but that is not what we’re dealing with anymore. (And we went through several freewheels on that hub too)

Our Ventana tandem has WI hubs already, laced to Sun BFD rims, so I reckon those are good for life.

I’ll be looking into the DT 540 and cliffhangers for this next build on the cannondale, thanks all!