Say it ain't so: The Assploded Bike Parts Picture Thread.

Definitely overloaded the ratchets in my orm benno rear going up the hill today.

We caught one the same day the shop across town did. Cruddy Axis branded 12x142 loose ball jawn.

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ideal solution seems like a used Boost MTB wheelset with DT hubs

then swap the front endcaps for 12mm to get 12x110mm


The new “hybrid” rear is really cool too. Beefed up flanges and a steel freehub come stock.

What should I do with my broken carbon rim? Where’s the bike parts arts and crafts thread?

Not a fan of ortleib products. Never have been, never will be.

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to be fair, that buckle component may be sourced from someone else. idk if ortlieb makes their own

They always break but they still work and they will send you a new set if you ask nicely.

cold and hard plastic dont mix well

I’ve also broken many an ortlieb buckle in the cold. Replace with one with a screw in bar to go in the strap loop.
Ortlieb are still the best panniers out there atmo.|21700000001700551_8502330001|92700057788057018|NB|71700000074091867&gclid=Cj0KCQiA8t2eBhDeARIsAAVEga3v2otXOMK8OrD6nSi5Z5cIuVKOFI0cFlBNrA6u452L1yDVPwnvjOoaAp4kEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds

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Cold and shitty plastic don’t mix well. Ortlieb’s job here is not to source the cheapest buckle money can buy…

I mean it kind of is because they’re optimizing costs but also lol I had to check my bags which I haven’t used in probably 10 years to make sure I was remembering right, and…

It does still work though!

From what I remember ortlieb is supposed to be a quality brand. They have a reputation to uphold and these buckles aren’t doing that.

In an ideal world, but I think business doesn’t really work like that?

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What are you talking about? Premium brands generally do make an effort to not piss off their customers by using shitty components that save one cent a piece. Not sure if ortlieb is supposed to be a premium brand but my impression was that it’s upper midrange at least.

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You fuckers are insane ortliebs is optimizing for the 95% of users who aren’t riding in the shitty cold every day for 10 years. It’s a 25 cent nylon buckle and it will fail eventually!


Anyone know of any waterproof briefcase pannier style bags that use a closure method that is not known to fail constantly?

Even if they send me new ones, I am not sure how I’d replace. These are sewn in.

And this is why Ortlieb should spend the extra cent.

Honestly I think I would find a decent quality buckle and replace it myself or have a seamstress do it. Sewing it in should be a 15 minute job at the top end even if you do it by hand. Buying something new is more hassle.


Are there better quality buckles, or do plastic buckles just break eventually? Whenever I go looking for buckles online, the description is usually just “plastic buckle.” No details on the particular plastic formulation, temperature rating, number of use cycles. I’m sure if NASA needs a buckle for something they can get that data but the buckle also probably costs a katu.