Say it ain't so: The Assploded Bike Parts Picture Thread.

Yeah, I was thinking more about all of the cracked 90s litespeeds…

And even taller headtubes!!!

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We’ve had a few so tall that fork selection with a long enough carbon steerer was difficult to sort out. Mosaic has maxed out on head tube length available to them on one with a 69(nice)cm seat tube recently.


alpha q used to do an extra length reinforced steerer for the T Rex Superstar builds of the 2000s

Highway 0.5

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Is there also a crack on the top of the derpout?

As if buying new bikes isn’t the favorite part of the hobby for the kinds of nerds who are swayed by “forever bike” marketing of brittle ti bikes


Nah, shadow.

I think it’s the late 90’s Litespeeds. I feel like they were trying to make them too light, and they found the limits. My 93 Ocoee has had a hell life, before I even got it. It’s not real light tho

I think that Seven and Firefly get profiled in pubs like The Robb Report often enough that there’s a split between the huge bike nerds and the rich guys (or aspirational thereof) who want a bike that looks right if a client/partner says they like cycling.

To me, it looks like it cracked at the wire port and then propagated into the dropout welds - the next weak point. If something cracks at the weld, it usually isn’t in the middle, it goes on the edges. I dunno tho. Maybe ti is different in the way it fails.

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Wire port is on the outside where the chain stay is most stressed, would maybe be better on the top or bottom

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i am still trying to get my prospective walmart client to ride mountain bikes with me! speaking of which… @Eejay do you want to ride mountain bikes on the morning of friday 31 march? i will cancel on you in a heartbeat if my walmart guy decides he does want to ride (sorry) but i will be in town and would very much like to ride with someone


For sure. I usually work Fridays but could fuck around on bikes a few hours in the am.

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my friend’s 90s litespeed frame is one of the wiggliest frames i’ve ever ridden, so I’d agree with this assessment.

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The guy who originally owned my 93 Litespeed rode it constantly from 93 to 96 when he was run over and it was bent. It was his only bike so he rode it every work day 2 hours a day, then a 2-3 hour bunch ride on Saturdays and an MTB race on most Sundays. He raced all the national series on it each year, 5-6 races a year, and raced it two world champs, I think Metabief and Vail. I got the frame straightened via a friend who had a hydraulic press at his work. Buddy replaced the Ocoee with a Tellico, which he still has, largely unused. But each of his road bikes eventually failed, all Litespeed Vortexes. He made a dining room table out of the dead frames for his lounge. Another friend has the Ghisallo which is the 2 pound frame. He broke it once, and hasnt used it much since then. Apparently it is very noodley.

Why’s the cassette all wobbly?




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How does that happen? Too much spacer or not enough? Over torquing the lock ring? Just fatigue or bad part?