Say it ain't so: The Assploded Bike Parts Picture Thread.

Could be over tightened, could be just old, probably both combined with corrosive sweat. The hub shell is starting to turn to powder around the spoke holes.

road salt?

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Human salt


No way. It’s gotta be trainer sweat.


I have a Campy mtn rim laced straight to a ti nukeproof hub and you can pull the nipple through the rim like rotten teeth. aluminum gets old and dies


Hit the button to raise the garage door while the stumpy was leaning against it. It fell over and broke the mount bit off my light

The complete lack of scars on the freehub body amazes me.

It’s whatever the 11s sram red that came after the power dome is. Only the largest and smallest cogs interface with the splines.

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This week of bicycle and wheelchair mechanic-ing (Sound on)


…my god

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wheelchair mechanic is the 100% most satisfying and rewarding thing i did as a bike mechanic


Pays well too

we usually did basic stuff pro bobo for the old folks next door to breakaway

holy cow you actually got one of those shitty extractors to work? Go buy a lottery ticket or something. I’ve not once had them work. Which reminds me I have a real shitty job of drilling out a tiny stuck bolt in some scuba goggles for the dive center. No good way to clamp them into something. They’re pretty cool though they have a built in heads up display inside the goggles to show you all the depth, air, temp etc that’s normally just on gauges.


They rarely don’t work for me! But most bolts im extracting broke because of shear force, not cuz they’re stuck

hwat on EARTH

What you’ve never seen a fork lower rot? This one is actually a pretty mild case.

i think it’s in reference to the wheelchair part

Looks like more dirt than carnage. Definitely buff out and be totally mint

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