Say it ain't so: The Assploded Bike Parts Picture Thread.

oversharing bc tarck, i thought i had blood in my poop, but it turns out i just ate a LOT of oreos the night before.


if you do that, i’ll change profile pic to match

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To what, a blutwurst hot dog?

Did this once but it was a pint of blueberries


please change thread name to “The Assploded Brooks Parts Picture Thread”




I do a similar thing sometimes. Do I have rectal bleeding or did I eat too many flammin hot Cheetos recently.

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beets tho


Oh definitely those too

Wild, remarkable, impressive bruising! Thanks for sharing, this is definitely the right venue for it to be appreciated.

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Excited to see the changing colors

And the gravitational slide! Colors are likely to slide south during healing.

Pre-ride tire check yesterday

Got over from parking lot to bottom of the hill yesterday and did a rock roll, after which my rear tire decided to stop holding air. It looked like I had a sidewall gash but once I rode back to the lot on the tire insert, we determined that it was actually the goddamn rim tape. Threw a tube in and rode, promised myself to finally put new tires on.

But damn it, these haven’t died yet! I’ve been waiting until a knob comes off and these are all still hanging on, if only by a thread.



Congratulations on your upcoming new bike day!


that’s a v1 or 2 hg innit?

[Suppleness intensifies]

It’s a v2.

It definitely sucks but I’m not terribly bummed about it either, the bike has definitely seen a lot of abuse over the years.

Most recently was riding on this bullshit:

V1. All the FBM ones were the same from a design and materials standpoint so we lump them into one version. The Elephant made ones are V2.

Things are in motion to sort this out through the proper channel, but we have materials to build a crash-replacement frame on hand so start thinking about color.