Say it ain't so: The Assploded Bike Parts Picture Thread.

those are the stand ups I was talking about, with a redesign they could work well for bike because there isn’t a patch pocket layer situation

They look like they are on backwards


I have some with zippered pockets hidden in the side seam, below the front slash pocket and above the knee. Decent place to carry a phone or such while pedaling and when the zipper’s closed it looks like normal pants.

I also have Kitsbow pants with one of these but the implementation is awful. Gaudy frog-mouthed slit with thick zipper faces up/forward towards me yet the pocket is sooo tiny and useless. I can’t even fit my svelte wallet in there.

every thread is pants chat


i am a proud owner of pattigucci Terrebonner long bois and they are the best pants i’ve ever owned

I love the stand up shorts so much pockets for carrying

…like two purses attached to your buttocks


These shorts are my fave dude

Lasted for years of daily wearing and bike riding

Don’t care if they look weird

But now I’m too fat for the,

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certainly not bike specific, but no other pants have faded this hard on me. they re-dye okay but when the pockets need replacement too…

My buddy had both light mount bosses break off of his Rawland rack. He just added the lighting, so it only took something like 5-10 miles to break both.


does it come with that super long extendo bar for the light? seems like that might add to the failure

That’s awesome! Finding casual riding shorts you love and fit well allows unlocking the best part of cycling in my experience. I’ve just been thinking a lot about pocket lately. What do we really need as cyclists with capable bike mounted luggage and what parts of pant pockets are just interfering with a comfortable experience? What do good pants pockets look like when you only have to transfer your phone / wallet from the bags to enter in a store? Why do traditional pants/short pockets always put the cell phone, wallet and keys in an uncomfortable place for cycling if you don’t have bags to store them in? Why are most pockets located to make it uncomfortable to keep them there while sitting in a diner or bar seat?
I suspect the leg seam / hip area is the location that solves all these problems.
However I am open to the idea that no pants should ever have pockets and everyone should carry around a hip pack that can be rotated to suit the best location for a given moment.

I think he supplied the extendo bar for the light. And yea, pretty sure that contributed to the failure.

We can still make fun of Rawland though, right?


Huh, wonder if the lever arm is more effective at breaking the aluminum rack mount when it is straight out? Calling Tarck physics nerds.
I currently have it mounted this way but only for riding trips that requires a flight:

looks like a bad braze/weld too. i can see daylight by the waist of the hourglass. not a lot of material holding it together.



What is actually going on here with this effect. Is it oxidisation? I’ve got it on my mint 9 speed durace downtube shifters now. Sucks. Only ever on Shimano stuff too.

Looks like velo slugs are trying to get at the aluminium. I’d reccomend a dilute coffee solution sprayed once an evening. If that doesnt work, maybe consider leaving some sacrifical pieces of 7005 alloy near the bars to lure them out.


filiform corrosion


Yeah. Looks organic eh. Like canals on Mars.