Seattle area tarck


Any of you have a set of Jones bars sitting around that you’re wanting to sell?


[quote=liquify]A buddy that recently graduated from PSU got a van and hit up some trails from Arizona through Seattle.
Sadly he has had his two bikes stolen out his van.

XL stumpjumper coil. purple with gold accents (i9 hubs, stem, AYHSMB sticker spelled out on top tube)

Small transition scout

whoa, didn’t know if this fb embed would work. @bungee74 on instagram[/quote]
Both bikes recovered! Bike cop noticed green bike being ridden by someone obviously high or something.
Found other at crackhouse or something still tethered to the fork mount he had bolted to floor of his van, bars still turned.


Any of you guys have a cheap 120 spaced sweet fixie wheelset sitting around that you’d wanna sell or give away?


i have a set of 32h black formula hubs that you can have for shipping


The shop I work at is hiring for a mechanic. G&O Family Cyclery in Greenwood. You’d be working on a lot of cargo and e-bikes.


Thanks for this, but I need the rims more than I need the hubs.

Gonna hit up the coop today and see what they have.


Who tonight is going to Stoked Spoke?


I was planning on going, but it looks like I’m going to pick up cold medicine and go to bed instead.


Yo, who is doing a campout on the 23rd?


I’ll be there, barring another fork failure. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Anyone going to hop into the Emerald City Ride this weekend? There’s no way I am paying, but it’s always fun to ride on the express lanes, and I’ve never been up on the viaduct.


is anyone in bremerton to facilitate a craigslist?


Hey seattle, my Bremerton craigslist dude is going to Seattle. Anyone have a few minutes tonight to meet?


Wish I could help out, but probably can’t meet anyone tonight.


U district or downtown all weekend


I could help you out. I live fairly close to U district. PM me.


Sad trombone
If you want a crust Clydesdale fork with a 9/8 steerer it’s available in u dist this weekend

Ad said 1”



Wait, that fork from Craigslist isn’t 1" after all? Because that’s why I didn’t email him.


It’s 1.125

Good dude tho


It’s been deleted. I assume it’s sold.