Souplesse Casings and Bike Soup - The Tire Thread

yes the snakeskin Thunder Burts are definitely worth using

more of the speed/grip collabo is from the multicompound rubber than the casing, and the snakeskin for XC tires is still reasonably supple


I’ve only ever ridden the snake(s)

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If I were too get a bit silly and go 26" tubeless on a bike that sees a mix of surfaces but probably 50% road are any of these options recommended?

26x2.3 Specialized ground control 2bliss
26x2.3 Maxxis Ikon
26x2.2 Conti Race King

I really like how my Schwalbe Furious Fred tires feel on road/gravel but the sidewalls look pretty worn and I’d like a little more off road traction.

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I have a surly et on both of my cargo bikes. It’s a perfectly cromulent mixed surface tire atmo.
Edit: but I guess those tires you posted are actual MTB tires so maybe no ET. I ran maxxis tread lite for years and they were wonderful tires. They’re sadly discontinued in 26x2.whatever. I’ve never had a problem with a maxxis tire in general.

For the record, I think the tape was OK. Since posting above, I’ve changed the tape and put in a brand new valve core and stem. Was still losing air at a remarkable rate through fucking sidewall pinholes.

Finally, yesterday I bought a fresh bottle of Stan’s and put 2 oz of it in. Seems to be holding air better now. Fukka liteskin.


I’m not gonna be a dick and point out that stage 2 is bargaining


Did you not try more sealant first?

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I changed the tape and to my great frustration the problem persisted.

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See, while knowing the line about ‘it’s the tape’ I thought that was after trying more sealant first. If that’s not it, then probably the tape. Usually works for me.

I really think it was that the sealant was the dregs of a quart of Stan’s I purchased in 2016. The valve stem was at least as old and the gasket looked worked lol. Tape looked great though!!


Ikons are real fast - I liked them more than the Ground Control

consider also the Maxxis Crossmark II in the 2.25" widthway

Vittoria tubes with sealant included. These are only $2 more than standard tubes and I’m already ordering some tires. Anyone know if they actually work?

I don’t mind riding Ikons on the road/MUP at all either

I think they might be the winner, especially since their availability seems pretty good.

I dropped my wheel off at the shop to have a new rim installed so I should probably make a decision!

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I have specialized fast track tubeliss in 2.1 on my 27.5 gravgrav and they have been great. They feel pretty supple.

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I found a Schwalbe Racing Ralph in my bike mess, I cleaned all the old sealant out and scrubbed it with some soapy water. I also had a look over my Furious Fred’s which are in great shape and only ever been run with tubes. Should I talk myself out of buying new tires and run these? RR on the front and FF on the rear would be a good set up for me (my fave CX set up was a Michelin Mud in the front and the file in the rear).

They’re sunk cost at this point. I usually run my half worn tires in the same situation.

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Just ridiculous. I have the tire laying on its side and will be keeping it this way for hours. Then I’ll flip it. Never had this many pinholes.

Giving it a week before I order reens.


Several hours later


Are those the tubeless version? I had a set that seemed to work fine. Also, don’t get reen’s, get these: