Souplesse Casings and Bike Soup - The Tire Thread

I mean I know. Does he?

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What’s the consensus on Tubolito tubes? Do they actually provide better puncture resistance than regular tubes? Seems like you can only patch them with their special patch kit and can only run one specific kind of sealant in them (if you want to do the sealant in tubes thing), or so they say. I’ve had pretty good luck running orange seal in regular tubes for 28-32 mmm tires, but wondered if the tubolitos were BS or not. I’m going to need new tires and tubes soon and I started wondering…

Only good reason to have one is as a light spare. They might offer some slight benefit for puncture protection but if you’re going to bother with sealant, just go tubeless.

They’re hella expensive and hard to patch, even with their kit.

Tubeless would mean new wheels. I wore out a pair of Rennay-Hearse 28mm’s whatever passes without flats by running orange seal in the tubes. I got lazy and didn’t bother with my next set of tires, but when I took off the old tires and tubes, I could see the sealant had stopped several flats. I’m sure it’s not as effective as running tubeless, but it’s a lot cheaper than new wheels.

If the tubolito does not fail out of the package it will be fine for a very long time

However I rarely get flats. I finally got a flat with a latex tube and I had been riding it so long it basically melded with the tire

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Tubolito is fine, it’s just expensive and esoteric for no real benefit other than it’s really light. If I had to run tubes and sealant, I’d probably run latex. If airing up every couple days is too much for you, just get a butyl race tube. They’re nice, and you can run bog standard sealant.

Just curious. I think I will just stick with regular tubes. I never get too many flats. I think my brain got to wondering since it’s starting to be flat season (dark, wet, and still lots of debris on the road since we haven’t had much rain for a while) and I’m about ready for new tires.

One ride on Rimpact strips on the gravel bike and I’m completely sold. The added damping is incredible. A pal who was riding behind me said the way my tires deformed was noticeably different/grippy looking. That all said, the added traction and damping encourage riding way more rowdy, which led to putting a giant hole in the sidewall of a relatively new Jan tire. Took 3 attempts and 9 bacon strips to finally get it to seal.


High end airless tires are coming. Mark my words.

Wait million dollar idea: rim tape / cushion as one unit

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Can we relabel/mark up the existing sticky foam tape that they sell for weatherproofing windows?

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HY I managed to tubeless the dead ender rear wheel on my dumb single speed! Minion DHRII to 20 year old RhynoLite. Would not have been possible without a bead jack. Just no way.


This account is what sold me on em. ‘Course I’m pairing them with some Conti SpeedKing II which finally arrived from the UK and whoa that tire is lighter and more delicate than I expected. I expect them to die at the first sight of gnar. Otherwise stoked to get these 650b wheels built and give ‘em a try.


I decidedly shredded a Herse sidewall and am temporarily replacing with a thunderbutt until I can more definitively or he the Herse

My aim is to start with maximal souplesse and titrate up from there depending on how many tires I shred.

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Is there a tangible difference between Vittoria TNT & TLR casings? I love the 29 TLR tires I have and the 27.5 is only available in TNT. Dithering a 27.5x2.6 and don’t want a step backwards in casings - if TNT is “worse” I’ll just stay with 29x2.35.

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TNT is a “higher end” tire iirc, it’s the same as TLR but with an extra layer of sidewall protection- really just a tougher vs. lighter tradeoff between the two

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Lol I feel like I always start high, then go too low, then back up, but that method probably works too

In my case I’m willing to replace a tire or two in the process. Kinda depends on the failure mode. Punctures are kinda like black swan events. Randomly occurring, unless the tire is really too delicate for conditions.

FMB I had blew off the rim. Fully noped out of that. Gave ‘em go @Gary_the_tennis_ball who was gonna run em with tubes and the tread separated before he could get any use out of em.

Had some Veloflex that cracked after a few months.

Iunno…. I like toying with delicate tires.