Souplesse Casings and Bike Soup - The Tire Thread

Michelin Pilot Pump, Vittoria Tattoo?
I’ve been meaning to try the GT Smoothie 26x2.5, but mostly because I want a huge tire and it will go on a Zaskar. Not sure if it’s any good or not.

Edit: S&M Speedball, Demolition Moment, Tioga FS100.

Of those I know a tarcker (forget who) likes the Michelin Pilot Pump, but I can’t recall from their view if it might be more supple of sidewall than you want.

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First ride on 700x40 Bokens was okay. Probably too short to really know but felt nice on pavement and on less chunky gravel. Pretty meh on chunky loose stuff and a bit squirmy on corners at 30/33psi. I didn’t spin out on a steep loose climb that I always seem to spin out on…so I suppose the ultra-gummy compound or what ever is doing its thing.

Wish I could have held out for these bois…

115g heavier than regular Getaways which I think are my favorite tires ever. I only have a little over 1000 miles on them but after a bunch of hard hits and potholes still zero flats. I’ll probably run the XPs on my RLT after the Bokens are toast and keep the lighter regular Getaways on the SuperX.

Also I really regret living a life that has lead my to own two gravel bikes that won’t fit 700x45c tires wtf is wrong with me

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I think I might have some lightly used Big Apples collecting dust in my garage. If I do, would sell to you.

finish line tube sludge is great. i think i’m about due for my ~18-24mo booster

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I’m so happy with it in my tubes I’m gonna put it in my tubeless


I recognize that this is getting very deep into esoteric internet bike weirdo territory, but: are they the ones you can buy now, or the older tread?

I don’t know when it changed because I bought like 6 or something in like 2012 and they lasted me a decade.

I’ll take them though! I think this quest for the perfect heavy and turdly but round and sticky 26" fat tire is completely dumb and pointless, reading it all back.

no. don’t do that. it’s awful tubeless sealant


How wide your rim? I agree a narrow spot pressure wise for no squirm on the dths on a narrow rim.

Fwiw i think 2in is a better sweet spot vs. 2.3/2.3 for on road 26.

I’d plug for powerblock as less squirm vs. Dth.

The rims are Rhyno lites, so I guess 22mm internal. Not very wide but not terribly narrow, right?

The old original 26" Schwalbe Super Moto was perfect. Like a more stylish, suppler big apple.
Then they added a bunch of rubber, a reflective stripe. Wasn’t long before they dropped the 26" size and started pushing it for ebikes.

I’m still pissed about this.


That was a mean looking tire.

I found the opposite in my case. DTH on VO Voyager rims (similar width to RhynoLites) at 25 psi feel less squirmy and roll better than Powerblocks on other bikes (various rims) and seem less sensitive to pressure, atmo, etc.

Ah, interesting. I wonder if we have diff casings of either of the tyres. Pretty sure my dths are the cheapo 60tpi with wirebeads and the powerblox are the folding bead.

Old and busted

I got a little over 1200 mi of puncture free riding on them over the last 12 months, so I call that a win.

New hotness

Terreno Zeros from the CC sale that the last ones came from. This time I could get the 120 tpi casings.

Bonus Orangimal content


Sorry, totally just saw this. They are older, prob from 2015-2016? Let me do some digging and make sure I still have them


Probably not worth the work!

Soup doing soup things

I feel like it’s time to replace that tire.


if the tire is peeing itself without making any attempt to let you know it needs to go out, it might be time

It’s always a bit leaky, like a Cocker Spaniel.