TAF, JA, or just WTH?


For such an obviously curated build, it has some misses.
/put on my hater hat

Pants guard color not matching anything else.
Dyno light guides on the fork and mount under the rack. whar lights?
Canti rear.
Diagonal struts betwixt the top tubes are not parallel, but the ones on the front rack are parallel. These should all be in harmony.
Strange paint stripe at the rear canti studs, if this is part of an overall paint scheme it is failing.

Personally I would have gone for a city bar or something less 90s’-MTB-esque. Both to keep the controls back away from the load and also just because of the type of bike this is.

I might be wrong, but is the rear tire actually a narrower width than the front? It just looks a bit odd, but could be perspective. Also is the platform narrower at the rear than at the front?


Did we ever decide if frame-mounted platforms are bad or at least not the preference vs fork-mounted platforms (ala the Clyde fork)?

Holy shit the plastic pedals.

Re: platforms. I don’t think we developed strong opinions. Those with cycletrucks seem to like them. I haven’t owned one, nor a crust fork, so can’t really comment.

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strong opinions that I saw: for omnium sized loads a long John is better, for front basket sized loads a cycle truck is fine.

Looks like the pusher is miles above the big chainring.
Not only a rear canti, but a black rear canti?
rear fenderline
extremely long 1 leg kickstand leaves the bike almost vertical

why does it have a 10 year old xt drivetrain?

not that there’s anything wrong with that

I suppose its a decent way to get a wide range 2x in silver for modest money.

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I’ve had two frame mounted platform/basket bikes and they’re really great loaded up, at least compared to the bikes with front racks over >20” wheels. It’s nice not having the load affect the steering beyond that end of the bike just being heavier.


Yeah pusher is resting on the chainstay, can’t go any lower, should swap to a double pusher.


i actually like how they appear to come off the curving mid tube at the same angle

whoever built that seems to have a soft spot for a certain era of Shimano no-nonsense parts. 10-speed-era Shimano canti brake and disc caliper as well.

Ouch that hurts

Yeah, what you’re describing is a Clydesdale or similar.


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awful taste


great execution


If your gonna trompe l’oeil an expensive carbon frame there are more imaginative motifs available

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atmo frame mounted (cycle truck) is superior. i have a clydesdale tho cuz it was economical compared to a whole new bike and i love it. but i think a proper cycletruck would be better

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