Tarck Approved database


I’m gonna go with the flow and buy whatever shimano from europe that I can afford.


Also, check eBay. I bought my R700 compact crank for $17 on there.


They were practically giving away R700s a few years ago–I think their lack of a recognizable spot in the Shimano level hierarchy turned off a lot of people. I have two and ride the fuck out of them without issues.


Don’t I have one that you gave me, Muse? I love that thing. Except I should probably get a new bb for it.


[quote=Straws][quote=Face]Jagwire is good, especially because colors. I try to exclusively use Shimano SIS housing and Odyssey compressionless brake housing on any build I’m going to take pride in. That’s only because it’s what I’ve always used and I don’t like change.

Speaking of such, a friend gave me a box of Summit compression brake housing that I’m never going to use because it’s the worst, anyone want it for their turdly bike? It sucks, really bad. You don’t want it. But it can be yours for the cost of shipping.[/quote]
donate it to a coop[/quote]

Never thought of that, good idea.


Probably from my Great Switchover from 175 to 170 crank arms–glad it’s serving you well. The bbs are a bit on the fragile side atmo. I’m gradually converting my fleet to Wheels Mfg sets for cheap bearing changes.


What’s the best commercial bike rack? Like the kind you put in front of a grocery store for people to lock their bikes to.

Looking to fit 5 or so bikes.


About 5 staple racks: pretty sure saris makes em. Wave racks are both popular and terrible


Agree, a long series of staple racks mounted parallel works well.

The Wedge and Seward Friendship store have a few dozen of these style arrayed outside of their stores, I like them a lot as well:


Wave racks suck but they’re super affordable as far as commercial bike racks go. They can generally hold 5-6 bikes for $300 vs $300/piece for circle or staple racks.






I was gonna say don’t hate on wave racks when they still sell those pre-QR monstrosities.
Kinda dumbstruck that Saris still sells those.


Look into Dero? They seem to be popular with the complete streets urban planning crowd


I vote:


That owns. I said the name of the company from my phone without actually looking at their site.


My friend that opened a bike shop/cafe up in Bellingham recently picked up two of these for the outdoor seating area:

I didn’t get a good look at them though, not sure how the staple interfaces with the the rails.


Don’t you work in building management? I saw the price and was like, “wow, that’s a cheap piece of shit!”


Is there a tarck-approved cheap Chinese carbon gravel fork for disc brake and qr with clearance for 700x 42 or so?


[quote=Andrew_Squirrel]I vote:


Penalized for whimsy over usability. I don’t want to whack my head on a stegosaurus tail when I’m locking up my bike.
The enthusiasm for making bike racks look like public sculpture makes me a little queasy.
What other public necessity needs to be camouflaged like this?

These are not bad, not ugly, and pretty efficient: