Tarck Approved database


basically me at work… i’m now one of the go-to spreadsheet fixers due to being best at google. fuck, i even had to fix something in the scripts section for a coworker and i don’t fuckin’ know what any of that means. i fixed it though.


Shit. I need to update my resume with Excel guru.


[quote=jimmythefly]I added a new sheet called Tarck Down!! Discuss.
The idea is that when Tarck is down we now have a place to talk, rather than going to dentistforums or whatever.

Not sure how it might actually work in practice. Maybe each column is it’s own thread with comments in response added below?

Feel free to delete this sheet if it is shiting up the DB too much.[/quote]

There’s a FB group for which the entire purpose is complaining about tarck being down.


makes me almost want to use the 'book again. almost.


To complain about Tarck being down?


No I dont’ want to complain about it. I just want to talk about bikes on the internet. But not with other people, with you people.


Agree–not quite enough to make me want to endure the Fbook shitshow again though.


There’s the Slack app


Lol at the thought that Google sheets is being used as the tarck chatroom


Am I really dense, or are there no brake lever recs?


Not dense, you’re right. I added two data types (drop levers and flatbar levers) to the brake sheet and an example lever entry.


Not gonna sticky coz someone hated on Cinelli cork.


Oh man, I was wondering why tarck was down all the time. I thought it was just me.

Not worth FBook, though. Sometimes the motivation provided by tarck being down is exactly what my day needed


you’re the reason tarck is down so much
uptime was nearly 100% before you started posting



is there no tarck opinion on crust yet? asking for a friend…


I think tarck is outwardly “meh” but inwardly saying they should have done it themselves first


Minus the quill stem.


At least they appear competent compared to some other small-time bike brands…


FWIW some (most?) of their frames are threadless.

We were talking about Crust at the shop the other day and couldn’t decide if we were supposed to love it or hate it. They’ve got some BFA lookin’ frames but their [color=#f00]design [/color][color=#0c6]aesthetics[/color] make them look like a bunch of idiot clown turd babies.

It’d be interesting to build up one of their low q fat bikes to see what kind of compromises they had to make.