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I think the fact that no one on tarck has one or even actively wants one sort of speaks volumes.



One of our local celebritymessbrogals has hitched her wagon to the crust train. Her incessant insta-stream of #outsideisfreeandimridingmybikethere posts is enough to make me hate crust.
Actually, not sure why I still follow her.


Stop hatefollowing, and your life will get better.


Finally egged into looking at the crust site. Barf–Rivendell meets Target x The Gap. Need new eyeballs.


True. It didn’t start like that, she was touring thru India and Europe when I started following her. I think the loathing only developed after I met her on a ride.


I was specifically talking about the low-trail dick brakes bike, the Romanceur, which checked all the Tarck boxes except for being threadless.

What’s really funny is that some millennial dirtbags managed to take crust punk bikes and turn it into an LLC.


I dunno, this thing looks like it could be pretty rad.

I mean, that build sucks, but the thing has potential!




Yeah I checked out the Crust site after b-roll mentioned it. Shitty website but that Dreamer looks pretty ok.


TC: I like the Crust bikes but I don’t really get the overall brand aesthetic. If they all just came in Surly color and had decals that said “BIKE” I’d probably be 1000% on board.


Nobody put an entry in for Winter Bicycles?


Go on then.


Who could write an entry for winter bicycles


Eric. Eric can.


oops, wrong thread



[quote=mander][quote=NOVELTYNAME][quote=imoscardotcom]feel free to edit

one doc to rule zem all[/quote]
on all new pages[/quote][/quote]


Mig might have to post a pic of his bike if he writes the section on him.


Who is writing the section on mig?