Tarck Approved database


I’m just lurking but thanks for putting this together. Already learned a bunch from it. The blog section is amazing so far


lets see that nishiki


I’m looking to up my daily commuter fixie game from the gaspipe Voodoo remake I have been riding for the last few years.

The Milwaukee Bicycle Co Waterford made SS frame seems nice, then there’s the Gunnar “Street Dog” (thankfully the name doesn’t have to appear on the frame anywhere).
The original point was to have an outside lock-up bike that didn’t feel too precious, so custom steel is out. Also don’t want to fux with threaded/1" headsets, so the ubiquitous used Trek/etc is out.

Any comments? MBC and Gunnar don’t appear in the database, though I’m sure opinions are out there…


I think they’re pretty much bog standard musa road bikes, made in the same factory. If that’s what you want, go for it.


Waterford is a name you can trust.


Not to get all Brianforums here, but f I were going to buy a cheap singlespeed lock-and-leave bike, I would steer away from Milwaukee territory, and get one of these.


Eh it makes sense for your daily to be nice.

That said I’d just buy some fancy vintage thingy for 300, install a quill stem and give no further fucks


Or just pop out the old fork and headset and install a $60 Nashbar 1" carbon fork and Cane Creek 40 headset on there.


Gunnar is in the Companies tab.
I bought a Gunnar CX three months go, cuz Tarck approved. Ride is great and construction high-quality. Mine is an eye-catching lilac color; would get less sexy paint for locking up. And upgrade my lock.


Jamis made a steel Sputnik for a long time.
I’m sure there were other higher end options from the fixie boom that have depreciated considerably vs. buying MUSA new.


Doesn’t/didn’t Kona make a cool SS fenderable thing?


Paddy Wagon?


Had a paddy wagon, love/hates it. The whole thing was made out of beefy os tubes and rode super stiff, but the geo was spot on and it handled great. Was glad and sad to sell it at the same time.


going to fondle a MBC frame tomorrow. Tapping on frames to guess at butting is what we’re down to.
that and conspicuous consumption instincts.


Legit method shartmo.


I have a gunnar cross bike and I love every bit of it. It sure won’t be the only gunnar I ever own. Definitely recommend a waterford made bike.


Loved the fuck out of my Crosshairs before it got stolen.


I love my Kite, but I love my friends one more. Later model. At the CX yesterday.


The Gunnar SS offering doesn’t appear to have fender-friendly clearance.

Checked out Milwaukee Bicycle Co. yesterday. I had seen their bikes before but never looked super closely. Welds seemed good, butting seemed reasonable from what little I can tell tapping on tubes. Finish quality was pretty sporadic–Fred Flintstone lookin’ powdercoat on the color I was interested in, but clearcoat topped stuff seems legit. The track fork ends on the SS model were mournful little flat 5mm thick plates. Probably perfectly fine functionally but a real turnoff.

Can’t warm up to the Mercier or the idea of buying a complete bike from overseas and then getting rid of most of the parts.

Still on the fence.