That's a nice rack thread you had there; shame if something were to happen to it again

This fork

You should 100% buy that $11 rack

All the warts

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Finally made use of the wald pizza rack I found in some grass a couple years ago.


Upgraded the stock dowel rod struts and twisty ties with struts and bolts, cut off the broken handlebar mounts and added a crown mount.

The foot is supposed to be flat against the crown but hopefully it will be okay spaced away from the headset.

Shakedown ride went fine


Is this new or just new to me? Universal looks to have some to ship in about a week.

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Seido is Bomtrack yeah? Looks identical to the bombtrack rack I got from @jimmythefly which is pretty sturdy…not Milkcrate™️ sturdy but sturdy.

Lol yep, Bombtrack’s components menu thing goes directly to Seido’s site.


The stock non-adjustable struts look like at least they have room to be shortened a bit by drilling a new hole if needed.

For the one you have I built my own from Ortlieb eye bolts and I think either Blackburn or ancient Cannondale struts.

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