That's a nice rack thread you had there; shame if something were to happen to it again

oh shit how am I gonna dangle a light from that thing shit

A smaller version of these? I have a few in various sizes. Hit me up when you know the tubing diameter. I might have something that fits.

Or a 90*/L-bracket bolted from that center slot so it sits to side of the tire?
But that little clamp jawn probably would work, too.

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I also have like 100 of these in various sizes from when I used to make them at the old shop but they have a weird fire resistant jacket instead of rubber but the metal band is thicker

what mount interface is your light? the centre slot seems useful

This is what I was thinking too. This bike has an iqx so top mounting is easy and I am sure I have something that could be used as an L-bracket appropriately

Has anyone used these adapters for front rack mounting? I only have mudguard eyelets which scuppers things.

It will be better than nothing. That style of connection, with loose nuts instead of threads that you bolt directly into, will be more vulnerable to precession. So your racks and fenders will have a greater tendency to come loose while jra. but it’s not guaranteed and some combination of loctite/ nylock/ torque will likely be able to hold your shit in place.

… This thing may not be right for your case though because it’s really meant for situations involving nutted axles (which i bet does not apply to you) and no fender eyelets at all (which seems to definitely not apply to you).

Can you make something work with stacked fender and rack stays, in the existing mounts? I have gotten away with this myself, stacking Esge stays underneath Wald mounts.

There are two versions, one for QR and one for nutted axles.

I have mid blade mounts so it Sounds like P Clamps would work just as well.

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I wonder if using the two points of contact (axle and mudguard/fender eyelet) would keep it in position better since it can’t rotate

I wonder that too.

My tubus rear is mounted with their quick release kit and has been totally solid

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Nice rack WTH got an OMM Divide rack last year because it’ll almost certainly fit every bike ever made now and into the future. Welp discovered today that they don’t stock a fit kit that works with my MRP tandem fork. Fug. Fingers crossed I can get them to make me one.

I mounted the Pelago while I was waxing the snowboards. I need to narrow the hooks on the bags to fit the lower bar.

I might need to order the Spork offset eyelet kit? There’s not enough clearance between the fork leg and the dropout bracket without using the one intended for a fender eyelet. WWTBD?


i think i have a set of those if you want them. the catch is you need to remind me on monday and i might not actually have them

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Monday morning reminder!

smaller hole but that’s what a drill is for if you want

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Those are the ones! I’ll DM you.

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Update, fuck OMM support. They urge you not to call, but don’t answer emails. Contacted both them and Robert Axle Project and nether are the interested in answering questions about their products.