The Rivendell Rage Reader: A thread for the pure joy of hating on Grant P

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So you’re saying that GP is the prototype for *l*n M*sk, but without being a cartoon supervillain manque ?

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this will be my only appearance in this thread, have fun!


GP espouses friction shifting because it’s a skill and not a lazy crutch like indexing.
GP wants to build a low-normal dangler because it’s the best/smoothest.
GP writes about only shifting once or twice per-ride/hill.
GP writes about shifting “cost” in decibels.

Is he going to blame the lazy, index-shifting populace when Riv ultimately fails?

Riv ultimately fails when their bikes sell out in hours instead of minutes?


If they close up it’s going to be about labor and rent costs, not because Grant was mean to those poor roadies


I really vibe with grants take


this all seems a bit over the top



2022: Riv is old timey bikes sold to cranks
2027: Riv is aquired and pivots to aluminum electronic shifting ebikes sold only to cops


Im not sure why Grant thinks he needs to inject some kind of abelist , moral superiorty angle to shifting other than because his generation loves that sort of thing. Friction shifting can just be fun.

A clean 11s drivetrain with waxed chain and power ratchets is a dang delight to shift on casual ride around town. With some finesse most shifts can be perfectly dead silent. With practice you can up or downshift four gears in one motion. But it doesnt need to be anything more profound than that. I personally find friction shifting fun for the same simple machine, tactile feedback, direct connection to the bike reasons that riding fixed is fun, but that seems like reason enough. I guess his primary market is rich boomers and the profesional managerial class, who both love feelings of moral superiority and believe virtue derives from consumer choices. In some sense its the same motivation as the latest and greatest MAMIL set - “I have (functionally, aesthetically) superior hardware , therefore I am morally superior”.

Grants twine wrapped , loo0ong, gaily painted bikes may not be your taste, but at least they are aesthetically differentiated from a market full of murdered-out , aggro-looking /r/bivcycling rides. Grant is not immune from American consumer psychosis , he just (DIY wooden insert flat) peddles differet brand signifiers.


This whole weird site revolves around the best method for ziptieing a Wald basket to a nitto rack and your going to decide GP 's bullshit isn’t worth the 35 years of free education?

The guy has been spouting opinions and ideas about bicycles my whole adult life for free. And you are all going to get bent out of shape because he made fun of your stretchy pants.

go outside and ride your bikes.


Sheldon didnt moralize about my choice in pants , he provided spreadsheets for how to give a bike 233 distinct gear ratios. Acting like you practically re-introduced all the design features of a global south utility bike (double top tube, flats, lugs, sprung saddle) and then making those design decions the reason to make cycling feel even more like a judgey dudebroscape is bad. Grant has no business telling anyone predisposed to clogged ass pores that their 10 mile round trip commute is just too much biking and that they just arent cut out for bikwa.


except he’s not, you’re trying to take a something that’s more like a koan into a edict


Theres nothing to ponder in “your rides are too long”. The is no deeper meaning , other than a feeling of shame for someone who may wear chammy because they are new to cycling, because they have a tender butt, because are riding the bike they have, or because its what works for them. The goal is to get as many bodies on bikes as possible right? A better framing is “do you need chamois? Try and see!” The attitude of YOU SHOULD is why going into dudebro bikeshops is so toxic and alienating for folks who arent dudebros. Not wearing kit should be inclusive and liberating but its presented as a heuristic.


it presupposes “long rides”, and as Grant has said forever, “no ride is too short”

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How is this keeping people off of bikes? “Hey, it’s ok to ride to short distances in normal clothes” is gatekeeping now?

I had a horrible 6 month bout of saddle sores , from riding a Brooks on my 15 minute commute in Grant clothes. The answer wasnt that my rides were too long, it was that my ass needed a liner , a different saddle and some time to heal. The post does not say “short rides are fun” it says “you’re wrong”.

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why where you wearing Grant’s clothes?