The Rivendell Rage Reader: A thread for the pure joy of hating on Grant P

Gotta plug it in. It’s a delightful throwback to my favorite age of technology.

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You’re expected to transfer to a computer using a USB cable. The little SD card is under a door held in place with a tiny screw though, so if your phone will mount an SD card reader and browse the files then you can skip the computer step. I’ve never tried that though, plugging in to the laptop works just fine for me.

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It’s weird to me that it feels quaint.

What does it use for a battery?

Dynamo camera


It charges through the same usb port.

so wait, this is a multi use camera just kinda shitty and with no screen on the back?

Yeah. It’s like 30 bucks. Cheap plastic, no screen and it’s amazing. My kid is an arteeeest!


future Columbia college photo student?

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the first time my dad let me take the family camera I walked around the state park campground and did centered portraits of every families campsite tent burning through the entire roll in minutes


Future Columbia College dropout.
Just like dad.


one of the guys of all time

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